Essays on Financial Crisis around United States Essay

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The paper "Financial Crisis around the United States" is an outstanding example of an essay on macro and microeconomics. There are various factors that have led to the current financial crisis of the United States and have caused a severe recession in the entire economy. The problems include: Fall of the rate of profit: In recent decades the rate of profit of the entire economy has been declining significantly. In accordance with the Marxist theory, there is reduced business investment and economic growth leading to unemployment, higher inflation, and a lower real wage. Attempt to restore the rate of profit: The capitalists are trying to restore the profit rate to its earlier and higher levels by increasing the general prices of commodities causing a reduction of real wages and retirement pension benefits as companies strive to maintain their budgeted cost and profit.

Workers have been forced to work harder and faster on jobs and others been laid off to increase the profit and rate of profit. It is devastating because economic growth is achieved at the expense of the workers (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (US), 2011). Failure to examine the creditworthiness of borrowers: With the new mortgages securitization system, the appraisal of credit risks and worthiness of the mortgage customers are ignored because of the mortgage-based securities are complicated.

The system consists of thousands of mortgages examining credit risks tedious tasks. However, the assessment is done on bond rating, which is not efficient as it is mainly intended to make more money on processing fees. The burst of the housing bubbleThe general housing prices stopped increasing and instead, it has been declining. This has reduced the value of the securities linked to real estate pricing.

Therefore, the house owners are unable to service their mortgage rates. As a result, mortgages have increased sharply due to delinquencies and defaults (Calverley, 2009). Search for the new borrowers: In an attempt to restore the rate of profit, capitalists are spending their much income on luxury consumption in order to find low-wage areas of other continents to invest instead of expanding businesses in their own countries. This has contributed to the financial speculative bubble as employment continues downsizing in their countries. Bankruptcy: Most companies are declaring bankruptcy in accordance with bankruptcy provision in chapter 11 that allows them to remain operating and renegotiate their obligations.

As a result, workers get exploited especially when these companies cut down their wages and other benefits (Robinson, 2012). There are many ways of serving the greater good that can be used to support the non-profit organization. First and foremost, one may decide to seek fiscal sponsorship instead of starting a non-profit organization of your own. This will help in applying for grants and receive donations prior to registration as a tax-free organization (Landskroner, 2002). If there is a non-profit organization with similar interests as yours, the volunteer can join the group to work together.

This will help gain experience, learn and have real ideas on how to manage your organization in the future. A person may also decide to form or a charitable group to help the needy. The charity can be a great away to support a non-profit organization in the country. Opting to set up a donor-advised fund may be another alternative since one will be able to make grants to charitable causes of your choice.

The small young foundations without difficulties can be formed by setting up this donor-advised funds. After attaining the social goals, one can become a social entrepreneur by starting a non-profit social venture with an objective to contribute your profits to charity.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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