Essays on Comparing an Array, Stack and Queue Coursework

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The paper "Comparing an Array, Stack and Queue" is a good example of coursework on information technology. A Queue A Queue refers to a list of tasks waiting to be processed. When a task is sent to a queue, it implies that it has been added to the list of tasks waiting to be processed. It is worth denoting that computer programs frequently function with queues as a manner of ordering tasks. For example, when a computer is through with one computation, it goes ahead to process the next task in the queue.

Furthermore, another example is the printer queue that refers to a list of files waiting for printing.   An Array On matters of data storage, an array refers to a mechanism for storing data on several devices. It is worth mentioning that arrays are the oldest and most imperative data structures used by nearly every program. Additionally, another major use of arrays is in the implementation of other numerous data structures such as lists because they play a key role in exploiting computers; logic (Humphris, 2014). The main use of data arrays is in the implementation of both mathematical vectors and matrices.

They also play an imperative role in implementing several data structures such as stacks and queues. Array allows one to store a series of correlated variables of the same kind and often referred to as a list. New int[10] is an example that best illustrates the use of arrays in computer technology. In Random access memory, an array refers to the organization of memory cells (Humphris, 2014). A Stack A stack refers to a kind of data structure used to store data on a computer.

Apparently, when a fresh object enters into a stack, it remains on top of other previously entered objects. This essentially implies that when one decides to remove a certain object from a stack, the one that is at the top leaves first leaving the previously entered objects. Comparison between an Array, stack and queue The stack and queue are closely related to data structures. The definition of each lies on two main operations that is enter a new object and eject an object.

Apparently, the rule mainly used in the queue data structure is to ensure that one removes the item that has stayed for a long time thereby leaving the new items. The stacking rule ensures that one removes the item that has spent minimal time in the collection. In an array, an individual can access the elements at any time but a stack does not allow for random access.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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