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Day to Day Operations for DeVie Independent Living Community for Adults Day to Day Operations for DeVie Independent Living Community for Adults DeVie is an independent living community for adults who have attained the age of 55 and above. The adults live independently in their apartments but are served communally. Services include meals, cleaning, recreational facilities, security and healthcare. Activities in the community involve day to day routines and dealing with emergencies that may arise. The objective of the living community is to offer the adults with an independent, comfortable and hassle free life.

At that mature age, most adults are susceptible to loneliness and may need their peers to live together. A typical day activity begins with catering operations. Breakfast is prepared between 7am to 9am in the morning. The catering team has a meal timetable set according to the preference of the residents. The catering team has to ensure that utensils and other equipment are clean. It is upon the catering manager to ensure that fresh food deliveries are made daily. Once the meals are served, cleaning of utensils follows. There are four 42 inch television sets showing different programs at the same time.

This is meant to entertain the adults as they have their meals. A head count is taken every time breakfast is served to determine those who have had breakfast and not. At 8:30am calls are made to those who have not had their breakfast. This is done to determine the reasons why they have not turned up for the breakfast session. Adults who are sick or recovering from sickness can be served breakfast at the comfort of their apartments. While breakfast is being served, the cleaners go round door to door to clean the rooms of the resident.

Cleaning the rooms includes mopping the floor and dusting off the chairs and other households. Dirty clothes are collected and washed daily. Between breakfast and lunch, beverages and other refreshments are served. The outdoor facilities and sheds provide an ambient environment for relaxing. Lunch is served at 12 noon. We engage the services of a state registered nutritionist to help constitute a healthy diet. The fitness team engages in facilitating training activities every evening.

The training sessions last for two hours between from 4pm to 6pm. The afternoons are spent on recreational facilities. Residents are encouraged to participate in at least one sporting activity as a healthy living habit. There are special hired trainers who facilitate training activities in the organization. A swimming trainer helps the adults to swim. The adults are taught swimming skills and the different styles of swimming. There is a yoga trainer who also assists the adults in yoga lessons. Yoga is a good health practice for the mind and body.

One stretches and relaxes the muscles. Gym, tennis, badminton and other sporting facilities are also offered. Daily practice not only helps the residents to relax but also prolongs their lives. It is routine for supper to be served between 7:30pm and 8pm. The same regulations for breakfast and lunch are observed. Every evening after supper, there are educative sessions that engages professional talks. Teams of counselors in the organizations discuss topics ranging from finance, environment, health and other fundamental issues. This is a program benefits both the employees and residents.

Sometimes the organization hires services of specialists in different fields. There is a daily scheduled maintenance program on basic tools and equipment. This is done to ensure that the equipment and tools are in sound shape. This includes the cleaning of cookers, microwave, vacuum cleaning the carpets, dusting off the furniture among other activities. A weekly maintenance program is carried out on major facilities in the residential apartments. The maintenance program includes blowing off dust from the television sets and cleaning the air conditioners. The respective staffs in the departments are responsible for the maintenance program.

The maintenance program is carried out to guarantee efficiency and safety of services offered. This is also done in regards with regulations in the industry. There are several control measures available to enhance service delivery in the facility. Inventory records are kept and updated by the procurement department. Inventory on purchased products are updated on a daily basis. Stock records on used items are made and the balance registered. This helps with estimating the daily expenditure and enables the controller of budget to plan and budget for the coming days.

This is done to ensure that the available equipment satisfy the needs of residents. Worn out and spoiled households and other equipment are replaced on a regular basis. Self-assessment tools are available to aid in improving the quality of services offered. Suggestion boxes are available where the residents give their opinions on the service delivery. This helps to improve and make amendments on the available services. The residents are also given questionnaires to rate the services offered to them. The self-assessment tools are important in reviewing service delivery.

The facility also engages the services of external auditors like Price Waterhouse Coopers to provide an independent assessment on the services offered. Having an industry registered administrator also allows for operations within the regulations of market. The administrator drafts policies which are reviewed and considered for approval by the management team. The main objective of the facility is to provide comfort and desirable environment for the adult residents. There is a budget controller who carries out financial and budget controls. Daily budgets include purchase of food and cleaning materials like detergents.

This includes staff and other specialist salaries. The staffs have varying salaries thus it is necessary to review them according to industry requirements. Another important segment is the meals and entertainment. This accounts for 40 percent of the budget. Considerations include nutritional supplements, restricted diets. The budget is made with regard to the population of the residents. The headcount is a variable that determines recurring expenses in the facility. Entertainment in terms of recreational facilities is also factored in the budget. The adults need many forms of entertainment to ensure their livelihood.

Equipment and supplies also make up the budget. Food stuffs and other materials need constant supply.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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