Essays on DB 3 - Art Coursework

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Symbols in Artworks Insert Insert s A symbol can be defined as a written or printed sign used for presenting an element, operation, quality, quantity or relation as in music, artworks or mathematics. The piece of art that is going to be examined with respect to the symbols it has is Leonardo Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa. Whilst the art is viewed under a microscope, Italy National Committee for Cultural Heritage discovered that when the eyes of “Mona Lisa” are magnified, there are tiny numbers and letters, which can be seen (Pisa, 2010).

Historian experts argue that the barely distinguishable figures and letters represent something of a real-life Da Vinci Code. The symbol in the right eye seems to be letters LV that could well stand for the artist’s name, Leonardo Da Vinci. In the Mona Lisa’s left eye there are also symbols; however, they are not as defined. Even though it is hard to make them out clearly, they appear to be letters CE, or could be letter B. The Mona Lisa Painting also has a symbol of Dan Brown blockbuster, which is The Da Vinci Code (Pisa, 2010).

It was converted to a film in 2006 that starred Tom Hanks. Hanks character interprets secret messages that are hidden in the painting and Da Vinci’s other artworks. Part 2The symbol that I often encounter every day is a Cross. I usually pass nearby a cathedral. The cross means the symbol is the intersection of the love of God and His justice. The next symbol is the apple logo, which I usually see on a billboard on my way to school. The symbol is derived from the Bible story of Adam and Eve.

The bitten apple signifies the fruit from the ‘tree of knowledge’. The similarity of the symbols is their hidden meaningThe Cross The Apple Inc LogReferenceNick Pisa, 2010. Mona Lisa Painting ‘Contains Hidden Code: ’ The Telegraph Media group Limited. Accessed on 26th February 2014 from http: //www. telegraph. co. uk/culture/art/art-news/8197896/Mona-Lisa-painting-contains-hidden-code. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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