Essays on Incompatibility of Workplace Democracy with Efficient Management, Nurses Legal Right to Strike Assignment

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The paper “ Incompatibility of Workplace Democracy with Efficient Management, Nurses’ Legal Right to Strike” is an actual example of the assignment on human resources. The first essay talks about workplace democracy which is the application of all aspects of democracy in the place of work. This includes the use of creative methods such as arbitration when settling workplace disputes. The second essay talks about whether or not the nurses should be given the legal right to strike just like other professionals. The third essay discusses flexibilization in the workplace and whether or not it has given the employees excessive powers.

The fourth essay talks about the issue of whether any job is better than no job at all considering the economic needs where people have needs but there are no good jobs. Essay 1Workplace democracy is incompatible with efficient managementThe debate on effectiveness of workplace democracy in ensuring efficient management has received both positive and negative attention in most organization leaders. Workplace can improve the performance of a company when practised well in the organization and can also lower the performance of the organization.

The main issue that is raised by workplace democracy depends on how the employees take the freedom of decision making that comes with the democracy. Workplace democracy can be efficient in management since it is an innovative management strategy where the information that concerns the organization is distributed among all the employees such that when the workers are faced by the customers, they can make decisions and sort out their issues. This is because the workers have the power to make decisions and can therefore be able to decide on the matters concerning the employees.

The employees are the ones who are close to the customers and are usually best known to them. Therefore when the employees are aware of the goals and the performance of the organization, they feel motivated to make smart decisions which are an essential in today’ s competitive environment. Democracy therefore enables a company to motivate its employees by engaging them in decision making and will therefore maintain a competitive advantage of their organization (Nightingale 1992).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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