Essays on Deciding To Act In Human Resouse Management Case Study

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362966 - Deciding to Act in Human Resource management Executive SummaryDeciding to Act in Human Resource management is a topical issue trying to bring to the fore the numerous challenges facing business enterprises in carrying out their day-to-day activities. The author in this essay attempts to identify such challenges facing Wally’s Wonder Wash Company in its daily operations. In the essay, the meaning of the concept of Human Resource Management as is used in the business world is explained at length. Possible solutions are also suggested for addressing the identified problems affecting Wally’s Wonder Wash Company.

The essay further proposes a workable employee retention strategy that the Company could implement. In the introduction section of the essay, there is a working definition of the Human Resource management function in general. In the body of the essay on the other hand, the author highlights the pertinent HR problems afflicting Wally’s Wonder Wash and their mitigating measures. Next is an outline of the employee retention strategies that Wally’s could implement to mitigate the hurting employee turnover rate. At the end of the essay are the conclusions and recommendations that can be adopted in the future.

IntroductionThe Human Resource management function is defined as the utilization of human resources to bring about production in a business enterprise. A more simplified definition of the term is proffered by Armstrong, (2006, 32) who states that “human resource management is the contracting of people, expanding their potentialities, while sustaining and reimbursing their services in line with the job and organizational requirement”. For the purposes of this essay, the author takes HRM to refer to “all the decisions and actions that are applied to cause employees at all levels in the business arena to successfully implement all the strategies directed towards creating and sustaining competitive advantage” (Budhwar and others 2009, 34).

It is thus the techniques found in HRM that guide and direct the managers of a business enterprise to communicate the goals and objectives of the company to the workforce for eventual accomplishment of their mission and vision (Karen 2004, 51). From the foregoing, available published studies explain that HRM must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization (Armstrong 2006, 36).

Similarly, those organizations that are relaxed as far as attracting and retaining talented employees are likely to suffer most when skilled labour becomes scarce. This argument is most relevant to Wally’s company that is not particular with its HRM function. This essay gives a highlight on how an organisation can address the challenges of employee turnover. Common HR problems identified in WWW CompanyThe obvious HR problem identified from the Wally’s Company abides in its tight work schedule for the employees. Published research findings indicate that there must be some balance between work, life and family matters (Cooper and others 2010).

This balance is necessary for employees to have effective time and stress management, thereby avoiding burnout (Cooper and others 2010, 43). More studies have indicated that employee recruitment is a crucial function for the success of an organization. The issue of proper sourcing and recruiting employees for Wally’s is lacking in implementation. Research work by Robinson and others (2007, 65) have underscored the importance of having succession planning for organizations to identify talented employees so as to provide training opportunities to develop them for succession purposes.

Similarly, orientation of new employees effectively integrates them into the organization and assists them adapting to the workplace environment easily as claimed by Dickmann and others (2008, 328). In regards to Wally’s, this service is not offered effectively because the managers only give a brief training before starting work.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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