Essays on What Does McDonalds Fast Food Company Require to Be Successful in the Victorian Market Coursework

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The paper “ What Does McDonald’ s Fast Food Company Require to Be Successful in the Victorian Market? ” is an engrossing example of the coursework on marketing. The decision chosen for analysis is decision 1 which is McDonald’ s decision to open a new restaurant at Tecoma in Victoria. I have done a lot of research on the topic and the course, in general, has sharpened my ways of carrying out research in my studies on any related topic even if it is a complex one. My reaching skills have improved day by day during my studies and especially in this course.

In this paper, my research skills have been put to test and I have shown that I have gone to deeper depths of carrying out academic research in any given topic. I have skills in getting academic sources and research from various avenues search as the websites, libraries, and all the other academic acceptable resources. In relation to the three perspectives, the research has been great and I have done my best to analyze the topic using the different perspectives so as to give out the best analysis and give the best possible results.

The three perspectives will help give the different possible views that can result from a decision taken by any organization. This can help in giving the best conclusion according to the analysis. The only problem I experienced I would require help is relating the three perspectives. Decision analysisModernist analysis of the modernist theory states that possessing complete knowledge means one has an understanding of the way an organization carries out its functions in different environmental conditions. These environmental conditions help the organization balance its internal and any pressures that are coming from outside the company.

The reaction resulting from these pressures shows how the company is effective by adapting to any changes resulting from such pressures. In this decision analysis, the organization being analyzed is McDonald's. This organization is one of the companies dealing with fast foods and owns a lot of food joints in so many countries. The organization has a lot of outlets in Australia and has attracted a lot of customers from all backgrounds and cultures.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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