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Introduction The report examines the analysis, synthesis and prescription of recommendations based on a decision made by a mother Company in the US concerning a greater presence in Kava; an island located in the South Pacific region of the world. The area has been struck by a series of disasters. There is a need for much to be done and one of the recovery plans is encompassed in this report. PART ONEDescription of the problems The first challenge facing this island is the fact that it is prone to so many natural disasters.

These range from volcanic eruptions, floods, fires, earthquakes, avian flu, hurricanes, tsunami, tidal waves, typhoons and tornadoes. The natural disasters are not the only problems facing the residents of Kava; apparently, these residents are also faced with the threat of man- made disasters. They are susceptible to terrorism both from outside the country and within the country. This is topped up by some acquired diseases like HIV/ AIDS. Another challenge within this Island is the numerous diversity of its people. There are many indigenous languages representing the local ethnic communities spoken besides other international languages like Spanish, French and English representing the Americans, Spanish, Africans, French and Chinese people located in the Island.

They also have very many problems rooted in their beliefs through differing religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and other local religions. Lastly, most of the Island is made up of young people since Statistics show that half of the population in Kava is made up of people who are less than fifteen years of age. This is also topped up by fact that most of them may not be educated deduced from the fact that cheap labor is available there. Why it’s a problem The natural disasters are the biggest problem because first of all, they could cause considerable loss of lives.

The reason why most of the population in Kava is largely constituted of youth could be because the Island’s lifespan is quite short. Hurricanes that have occurred all over the world have caused death of thousands if not millions. Such people are essential in the development of the Island; they are the ones who hold the economy in their hands.

If there are no people to produce Cocoa, coffee, natural gas and most importantly petroleum, the rest of the world is affected. Other countries that have not been endowed with these resources heavily depend on countries like Kava for survival. This implies that the rest of the world would be adversely affected. Diversity present in the country could also be a problem because it very difficult to coordinate activities between different members of the community since most of them may not be able to understand each other.

This could be a very difficult problem for a number of stakeholders. The first group would be the Company. Since it is considering establishing a greater presence in Kava, then chances are that the Company will recruit internal members. This may be very difficult for the Company because communication will be quite difficult. It will also be very difficult for private organizations and other international communities to coordinate disaster recovery, disaster responses and disaster prevention activities since reaching people on the ground will prove to be very difficult.

This means that getting help during times of disasters could be very difficult. The numerous cultures and religions could present a number of problems too. First of all, cultures present different interpretations for problems that occur. Some of them may interpret the natural disasters as a form of divine punishment. The problem with such interpretations is that those people will not be moved to act. They may simply resign and assume that all is lost; this could act as a serious impediment to plans of action.

It could also act as an impediment to preventive measures because some of them may not attempt to prepare for future disasters under the assumption that their fate lies in some other divine power. On top of this, locals might regard other groups with suspicion and mistrust. They may find it difficult to work with them and this could be a serious problem to prevention and recovery from the disasters.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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