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The paper "An Essential Approach to Business Management" is a great example of a Management Case Study. Making decisions is a process the involves deciding on choices among alternatives. Organizations decision making can be strategic or tactical. Making a strategic decision has a long impact on the organization hence only a few are made. These decisions are usually left for management. Tactical decisions are made more often. These decisions have no long-term effects on the company. This assessment will analyze change management, HOTS, complex adaptive system, and De Bono six hats theory. Change management.

Bringing change involves decision making. Before making any decision, the first thing to do is to define the problem so that it becomes possible to come up with alternative solutions. This is followed by performing sensitivity analysis. To execute change in an organization, the management has to understand the impact it will have on the employees. When carrying out major changes, the management should focus attention on the strategic and technical plans. For the successful implementation of change, the management must understand the change management the human way.

This includes aligning the company’ s culture, values, people and their way of behaving to lead to the desired results. There is a need to understand how the group or team is going to be impacted by the change. Carrying out the change in a way that is not going well with the environment may lead to conflict and chaos. Working with people is the most difficult part of managing change. People have different way of reacting to change. When change is effected, some of the people have to lose while others experience fear.

There is also a need to understand that everyone has needs as well as expectations. The expectations should be realistic. Change is situational which includes having new roles and procedures (Manikandah, 2010). There is a need to understand that there are things which we are to lose so as to have a good chance. There are twp types of changes. Change can be transformational or incremental. When carrying out transformational change, there is a visible change in the appearance and the structure of the organization. The transformation change has first to come to the individuals before occurring to the organization.

This change can be compared to a change in mindset. When carrying out incremental change, change occurs in small bits such that it does not impact the people in a very great way. Policy changes are carried out in small bits over time which accumulates to bring change. In order to manage the change more effectively, management should be capable to define the expectations from the stakeholders. Effective communication should be carried out to make sure that all the stakeholders understand what change is.

The benefits that are to be attained by implementing the change should be laid out so that all the stakeholders understand them. The purpose of change management is to make sure that the process of change is achieved faster (Manikandah, 2010). HOTS (hotel operations and management systems). Simulation tools are important to support in decision making. The hotel operations and training system (HOTS) is a simulator that was made for the service industries. The use of this simulator is very important in predicting what can happen after taking certain decisions.

The simulators are of the two types. One of the types is the analytical simulator and the other is instructional simulator. The analytical simulator helps in simulating situations and helps in decision making. In the hotel industry, the simulator can be used to simulate how the guest enters a hotel and their times. This is an important aspect that can help ion coming up with a plan. The simulator offers a unique method of training which helps the users to develop on their knowledge. The knowledge gained through the simulator can help the person in business strategy, marketing and sales.

The main advantage of using the HOTS simulator is that it helps in strategies and reinforcement for the understanding of the concept. Simulation is one of the most widely used tools for decision making. The technology industries have been evolving at a very high rate. Apart from the hospitality industry, simulation is also used in the educational sector. Use of simulations acts to supplement the practical experience in a firm the cause and effect of the decision making are analyzed through simulating.

The main aim of using simulation is to look at the strategic and tactical factors that may affect the business. While simulating, the computer moves forward in time utilizing cycling. The participants in the simulation have the advantage of taking hard decisions which they carry out without risking what can happen if the decisions have been practically carried out. Skills to deal with other data processing are developed such as use of excel to process the data. The simulators have the ability to give those carrying them knowledge on how to understand the financial reports.

Confidence and capability are improved in skills such as accounting. The simulations such as HOTS utilizes knowledge from different areas. This helps in making integrated decisions (Feinstein and Parks, 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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