Essays on Managerial Practices, Worker Motivation and Trust as a Vital Component in the Company's Management Literature review

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The paper “ Managerial Practices, Worker Motivation and Trust as a Vital Component in the Company’ s Management”   is a persuasive example of a literature review on the management. Organization, predictability, and trust are critical elements of the management subordinate relationship. This phrase clearly enlightens the link of different factors in the management of the organization. This essay expands these organizational elements. Organizations give shape to our lives directly and indirectly. From the start to the end of life organizations have involvement in lives. The role may be small or big but the role always exists (Clegg et al. , 1992). The management of an organization contains different resources like human and technical.

These help in making management of the organization flexible enough to adapt the future innovations. Trust and predictability issues occur in every management of organizations around the globe. To create a firm place the management of an organization is required to develop a fair positive relationship between the owner and employees. A strong bond can result in the achievement of great products that can flourish the organization. An organization can only be successful if there is no unfair factor in management.

Unless the workers are happy and satisfied and the employees are encouraged to help in success, no organization can attain its goals and aims (Abbah, 2014). So both ends are to be met in the organization management. Motivation is a very important key in the organization. It not only helps in the attainment of organization goals but also in the attainment of self-goals (Burton, 2012). All these factors define the structure of the organization and put an impact on the outsider about the managerial activities of the organization.

This essay will discuss the just relationship between the manager with workers and the impact of trust in this regard. Finally, with this, the motivation element in the organization will also be discussed and how motivation can affect the productivity of the organization. Also, theories and research papers are referred to in context to an expanded understanding of these factors. Defining organization, predictability, and trustMany conceptions regarding organization are present. In a management system organization is a very familiar term. The management of the organization is the place where employers and employees develop the commutation and study the management system of the organization.

One can say that the organization is the place that refers to a unit where people work together to achieve a specific aim and goal. It can be defined as a system of coordinating tasks or groups of people (Mukherjee, 2012). In 1962 Blau and Scott defined organization with the help of classifying it in 3 sub ranks. According to Blau and Scott in (Rajeev Sawhney, 2009), the first rank contains the head of the organization that also includes managers, the second rank contains members of organization and file whereas the third rank contains the customers, buyers or one can say, outsiders.

Predictability and trust are the factors that are dependent on each other. They move simultaneously in an organization. One cannot predict the success of an organization without the trust of the employees in any criteria. Secondly, predictability is the judgment of regarding the near future. Predictability is a factor in management that creates a trust that secures people thinking to act mutually for the goals of an organization (Straker, 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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