Essays on Defining Facilities Management Assignment

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DEFINING FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Facilities management refers to the upholding, preservation and maintenance of a building, edifice, commercial zone or institution, for the benefit and facilitation of the customers, clients, visitors, guests and staff members. Almost all organizations and institutions pay due heeds and allocate their energies and resources for the proper facilities management in order to capture the attention of their customers and visitors. Facilities management contains particular significance in hospitality industry, as it invites the wide range of its clients belonging to multiple social, cultural, professional, economic and regional groups and communities.

Since different groups of hospitality industry clients require different facilities for their functions, parties, events and ceremonies, the industry has to look for divergent aspects of facilities management in order to provide its clients a comfortable, eloquent and pageant atmosphere. The essential components of facilities management in hospitality industry are as under: 1. Selection of Striking Venue: Hospitality industry offers its services for the conducting of various events and functions from its platform. For this purpose, it makes plan, devise strategies, organize team of its expertise and allocate funds to furnish the event with a practical form.

It hires a splendid location for its clients and decorates it in such a way that could capture the attraction of the clients as well as the event can be conducted in a wonderful and successful manner. Selection and decoration of venue certainly carries weight in facilities management of hospitality organization. 2. Maintenance of industrial work: Hospitality industry vehemently focuses on proper adjustment and effective working of industrial sources within its premises, as well as within the location where it is going to offer its services to its customers and clients.

The industrial work includes the proper cleanliness, repairing and establishing of electric supplies i. e. electric bulbs, tube lights, fans, air conditioners, geysers and other relevant heating and cooling systems required during the visits and stay of the clients. 3. Adequate Supplying of Basic Requirements: In addition, proper maintenance of water supply, gas supply and food supply also come under the fold of facilities management. The neatness and decorum of the bedrooms, washrooms, stage, living area and performance zone also comes under the range of facilities maintenance.

Since the clients and parties have hired the services of hospitality organization against huge money, so it is the first and foremost obligation of the management to provide the best possible environment to the clients by allocating its skills, talent and expertise to the entire satisfaction of the party to the contract. 4. Facilities Relevant to Event: A visionary management of hospitality organization keeps a sharp eye on every aspect related to the event going to take place under its supervision.

It assures facilitation of the visitors from the sophisticated administration of entrance and exit routes to the comfortable sitting of the participants and guests. Sitting arrangement is administered according to the turn of the participants, so that they can have an easy access to the stage or performance place. Refreshment stalls are also installed by keenly observing the facility of the participants. Loud-speakers and mikes are also adjusted in the similar manner, so that the participants can find no hurdle while making performance. If a sports event is going to be held, all sports items i. e.

kit, sports luggage and scoreboard is at easy access of the players. Co-ordination between the management team is also exemplary and extraordinary one, and the participants can easily contact them whenever they require any communication with any member of the management.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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