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Marketing AFFILIATION: Marketing In my opinion marketing can be defined as a process in which individuals or organizations have to create an awareness of the products and services they are trying to sell. Without creating awareness, the target market may not come to know about the product or service, hence marketing can be defined as a means to create awareness about any particular product or service. Phillip Kotler defines marketing as a process undertaken by humans via different activities of buying and selling and also promoting and assisting changes via those activities amongst the consumer (Kotler, 2000).

Peter Drucker has defined marketing as a process in which one creates a customer to buy any particular product or service and for doing this one gets the payment for it (Gunther, 2008). Products may be of no use to organizations if there is no buyer for them, organizations need to create customers and this is done via creating demand for the product and services so that customers buy it. Marketing is important towards organizational success because organizations can only be successful and profitable if they have a strong customer base.

To have customers, the organizations needs to let the customers know about the products and services being offered to them so that accordingly demand emerges in the consumer market. Organizations are constantly coming up with innovations in their products and services as they have to keep in view that customers may get bored of the same things after a certain time period. With no awareness, no customer would know about the products and services offered by the firm, hence marketing are an essential component for organizations towards becoming successful. For example, McDonalds need to create awareness in the market about their new burgers or sandwiches.

When customers get to know about the new product, they accordingly plan to buy the product. McDonalds advertised about beef burgers in China so that the target market could know about the beef burgers being offered by McDonalds (McDonald’s Advertising in China, 2012). Starbucks is another business organization that has marketing strategies being admired by other organizations. Starbucks creates advertisements in such a way that instigates customers to buy the product.

One of the successful marketing strategies of Starbucks has been to create a “Third Place” of Starbucks in the life of consumers. A third place in between work and home. People want to have a relaxing environment in between their work and home activities and Starbucks has developed its marketing strategy keeping this in view (Starbucks Marketing Strategy Unconventionally Effective, n.d). The marketing tactics used by Walmart is to conduct aggressive marketing and to ensure that they make an explicit presence in the target market. They have created a number of stores and provide a huge range of products for their customers.

They ensure that the target market becomes aware of their retail store by their advertisements (The Wal-Mart Marketing Strategy, 2012). When customers view the stores at different places and also views the offers made by the retail store, they get attracted towards the offers and hence visit Wal-Mart for fulfilling their shopping needs. References Gunther, R. E. (2008). Peter Drucker the grandfather of marketing: an interview with Dr. Philip Kotler. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(1), 17-19.  Kotler, P. (2000).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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