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Delivering Consistency in Food and Beverage Operations al Affiliation care service audit Customer service is a management function that is necessary for any organisation. This is particularly important when the customers are the main source of profits for the organisation. One such organisation is the food industry. In this case, delivery of customer service is in the form of food and beverages operations. Consistency is, therefore, a necessity in the customer service to ensure sustained profitability and sustained achievement of the general objectives (Shadish, Cook & Leviton, 1991). In service delivery, evaluation is necessary as a means of ensuring that there is continued improvement in service delivery. Service Performance As a business attempts to increase the revenue through sales, investment should be focused on improvement of the performance and doing business in a way that keeps them differentiated from the competitors.

Service performance assessment and evaluation. This performance evaluation features functionality, reliability, sustainability and the suitability of the services. Moreover, the evaluation should focus on the different perspectives. From the organisational point of view and the customers perspective. It is on these evaluation features that this report will evaluate the customer service delivery of Ratskeller Restaurant in Munich, German. On the functionality, any business should provide the customers with the services that they claim to be able to provide.

The functional capacity of an organisation cannot be effectively measured by the organisation. The customers’ perspective, therefore, becomes the best option to analyse this. In Ratskeller Restaurant case, the online rating shows that from 1049 views, more than 800 visitors have rated the restaurant as very food and excellent. However, there are a few visitors, although less than 100 have complaints regarding the spaciousness and food quality.

However, these complaints are less significant looking at the positive rating (beeradvocate. com). Regarding the reliability, there are inputs from the customers that regards the restaurant as the best in the city. Major aspect of these feedbacks is service reliability, food quality and environmental serenity. Most of the ratings in this section range from four to five stars indicating reliability level of above 80%. There are no negative reviews on reliability. The reliability is also notable by the fact that most of the customers who comment on the services claim to have been referred to the restaurant by other customers.

This is an indication that there is a general positive rating on reliability (tripadvisor. com). It is from these referral cases that we can also critically analyse the sustainability of the customer services. The target customers for the restaurant are the middle and upper socioeconomic class and corporate customers. The services are assessed by these customers on matters of suitability. In this case, it is important to note that the environmental suitability as observed by the corporate community which forms the basic customers for foods vacations and conferences services.

Being in the heart of the city, it is also an expectation of most of the people that the restaurant will provide services that are helpful to meet the various needs of the customer population. This is achieved through the provision of German traditional dishes that target tourists and the common first-degree dishes that are differentiated to target different customer categories (virtualtourist. com). Auditing Tool Auditing is aimed at revealing the problems and providing solutions to ensure that they are solved.

An audit tool should, therefore, be focused on ensuring that there is a comprehensive assessment of the concept being audited and at least giving clues on the identification of the problems and giving solutions. The audit theory explains why audit is necessary as a communication tool between the organisation and its environment. The theory also uncovers the principles and laws that govern the process and its activities (Grigoroudis & Siskos 2010). To evaluate the customer service practices of this restaurant, an audit tool developed from the 5Ps model will be used.

This model that was developed as a service management model is focused on five elements of organisations service delivery and how they interact to ensure improvement of services and sustained quality of services. The tool will thus address the elements of purpose, principles, processes, people and performance of customer care and services. On the purpose, the tool will address the service delivered in terms of the alignment to the purpose of the marketing department. This will encompass the target clients and how suitable the services delivered are based on this (Pryor 2007, pp 3-17). Secondly, the tool will address the principles of marketing and customer service identified by the organisation and the customers’ responses regarding the alignment and appropriateness of the principles.

This is also related to the processes that the restaurant use to achieve this. In addition, the tool will focus on assessment of the people involved in customer service and their conduct. The conduct will be evaluated through observation and enquiry from the customers. A conclusive evaluation of the performance and its relation to the principles is evaluated. References Grigoroudis, E., & Siskos, Y.

(2010). Customer satisfaction evaluation: methods for measuring and implementing service quality. New York, Springer. Pryor, M. G., Anderson, D., Toombs, L. A., Humphreys, J. H. (2007). Strategic implementation as a core competency: The 5Ps model. Journal of Management Research, 7(1), 3-17. Shadish, W. R., Cook, T. D., & Leviton, L. C. (1991). Foundations of program evaluation: theories of practice. Newbury Park u. a, Sage Publ. Trip Advisor: Ratskeller. http: //www. tripadvisor. com/Restaurant_Review-g187309-d964526-Reviews-Ratskeller-Munich_Upper_Bavaria_Bavaria. html Ratskeller, Munich. http: //www. virtualtourist. com/travel/Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Munich-36623/Restaurants-Munich-Ratskeller-BR-1.html APPENDIX AUDIT TOOL

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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