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Marketing Consultancy Table of Contents Supply Chain 3 Report 6 References 8 Supply Chain (Metropolitan Police Service, n.d Supply chain is one of the key constituents of an organisation which enables them to procure necessary components from the suppliers and transfer them to the customers. The buying decision making process is also very essential element for any organisation as it is required for the organisation to recognise the existing problem and then take necessary steps to reduce or eliminate those problems. Delta Nu is an US based manufacturer. They have developed and manufactured palm sized Raman spectrometers that can be used in ‘identification of unknown materials’.

The ReporterTM product was mainly developed to identify illicit drugs as well as explosives and other perilous chemical materials. The instrument is prepared primarily intended at the customs and security market that includes police services and also the fire brigades. Delta Nu has selected Analytik, an UK based distributor to target one of the potential customers of their products i. e. Metropolitan Police of UK. Analytik have been appointed as the distributor of their ReporterTM product in the UK and also Ireland market.

In the UK security and customs market that is targeted by Delta Nu, there are a large prospect for the successful launch and growth of the product. In this venture the benefits of the product such as its comparatively lower price, lighter and smaller in nature product features are key driving forces that need to be considered by Analytik in their distribution endeavours. Metropolitan police is segmented in the crime and policing category in the customs and security market of the UK. The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is recognised as the constitutional body that looks to ensure the accountability of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPA).

They are the largest police service in England and also in Wales. Therefore to target them as a potential customer can turn out to be a successful business prospect. This can enable Delta Nu to capture a wider consumer segment as there are a number of branches of the Metropolitan police services which can benefit by using the product prepared by Delta Nu. Supply chain process is undertaken by MPS seeking to encourage appropriate and fair level of competition among the suppliers and also service providers.

Therefore Delta Nu with their distributor can gain substantial benefit if they are able to target the police segment. The product also can prove to be extremely useful for the Metropolitan police especially their branches like Air support unit, counter terrorism command, service intelligence bureau. The features provided by the product can aid these branches in much faster work procedure. Therefore in order to target the Metropolitan Police as a potential market segment, the supply chain process would follow the steps such as: Raw materials and other necessary components would be the initiation factors in this process.

The suppliers of Delta Nu provide them the necessary components to prepare their products such as the ReporterTM. The logistics such as Air support will be utilised to transport the product to the UK distributors Analytik. In the subsequent stage of the supply chain, the Metropolitan police will be approached to make them acquire the product by Analytik. The purchase decision would be taken by Metropolitan police’s procurement management authority.

The supply chain process culminates in the branches of Metropolitan police services. Report The marketing consultancy related study has enabled to provide a wide spectrum of learning. The study is required to look into the prospect of DeltaNu ReporterTM, an innovative and useful piece of technology developed and manufactured by Delta Nu and distributed by Analytik in the UK. The product was designed especially to benefit the requirements of police and fire brigade. Analytik didn’t have any prior experience of selling customs and security related products.

Hence, this study was prepared in order to aid them to properly identify the needs and processes of conducting the business operation. The overall task was constructed as a team effort. The key activities that were performed by the entire team encompassed an application of various marketing theories in practice. The task required to undertake a SWOT analysis of the new ReporterTM to judge the key attributes which can provide benefits and roadblocks that can come in the way of the products future prospect. The other key activities included performing marketing audit to assess different aspects like key competitors, strength and weakness and also market share for the overall market of the product.

The analysis of opportunities of the product in the light of the ensuing London 2012 Olympics was also a key task. In order to provide a constructive plan for the product in UK market the supply chain and decision making process were also analysed. This was undertaken in order to recognise the key necessities which Analytik needs to consider and the process which they require to undertake in an attempt to make a profitable beginning with their newly developed product.

These activities were performed by working as a cohesive team. The group in order to plan their way through the requirements and activities that needed to be undertaken in an attempt to successfully complete the project went for organising meetings on a weekly basis. In order to analyse the prospect of the product in different market segments of UK, work was divided in segments and certain team members were allocated a specific area to look into. The key barriers for the product was also analysed in order to properly devise a mitigation plan.

The products’ strength and weakness based upon comparative findings were also searched to make Analytik aware of the requirements they need to undertake to make their new product a grand success. The project has been a valuable learning experience which has helped the entire team to learn the nitty-gritty’s of marketing theory and also of team work required to successfully perform the activities. References Metropolitan Police Service, No Date. Branches of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Branches. [Online] Available at: http: //www. met. police. uk/about/branches/ [Accessed December 03, 2010].

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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