Essays on Demanding and Challenging in the Corporate World Assignment

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The paper "Demanding and Challenging in the Corporate World" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. One very vivid and unforgettable experience I encountered when I volunteered to take part on a community service work while in college was when I acted as part of a team of volunteers to conduct an outreach and awareness program, and to our disposal, we have to choose between 1) promoting proper diet and nutritious food for public elementary school students, and 2) educating students in a public high school of the drug abuse and prevention.

Our group picked up option number 1.   Our aim for three weeks is to develop strategies that will make an engaging, interesting and highly educational symposium and discussion. Believing that this is an easy project with an easy process and that our group's composition (10), is more than enough for this project, we were mistaken.   In the first few days, our team had to agree and decide on a team mission or goal that will guide us and spur throughout the course of this group activity the enthusiasm, dynamism, and cooperation of everyone up to the last minute of the symposium.

At first, we are all unmindful of the time or our deadline and that team effort and cooperation are expected to all of us. It is all along like that that we believe that even just with only a few of us, who are really responsible and very eager, can be left behind to do most part of the project and the others can just sit back and relax for the first leg of the week.

We also do not elect officers because we do think everything will run more smoothly and organized or systematic since we operate on an equity basis. Good thing though, someone from us, who have had experience in community services in their town suggested that we should elect officers and leaders for the whole course of the project and that we should nail down the timeline to our heads because three weeks is not really a very long grace period and really do not afford us much time to relax.   We decided to have an officer and the overall in charge who will lead us to the final completion of the project.

It also helped that our leader gave us an assurance that he will be more than willing to receive or accept suggestions so long as the whole group agreed to implement or undertake such and that he will be very willing to vacate his post in any moment he will commit grave errors or troubles that will put into peril the group's welfare. Then realizing we already wasted a few days and started none, we run eagerly now to cope for the lost days.

It also added pressure to our group that in class, we are hearing some stories of the other groups about just how far they have progressed.   Then immediately after the following day, our team leader called all of us up for a private meeting at the organization’ s headquarter to draw the itinerary and timeline of activities about our project.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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