Essays on Factors That Affect the Consumers Decision-Making Process Coursework

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The paper "Factors That Affect the Consumer’ s Decision-Making Process " is a perfect example of marketing coursework. The consumer’ s decision-making process is influenced by a number of external factors. These factors determine the type or brand of products and services that the consumer will purchase. Some of the external factors influencing consumer’ s decision-making process are family, social class, cultural and sub-cultural aspects, product quality and price, diffusion of innovations and opinion leaders. For example, consumers purchase products and services such as cosmetics and beauty products depending on their cultural beliefs and values.

They also make their purchase decisions after analyzing the advice they receive from opinion leaders and depending on their social class. We can say that consumers do not only rely only on internal factors when deciding what to buy but also some external factors that play a huge role in influencing their decisions. Introduction The consumer’ s decision-making process is a lengthy process that consumers have to undergo through. Consumers have to undergo such a process in order to make the best decisions when seeking to purchase certain products and services. Cosmetics and beauty products are very sensitive and consumers have to take caution when purchasing them.

This is due to the fact that they make backfire on consumer’ s skin and cause severe damage to it. When purchasing these products and services, consumers are influenced by certain external factors when making their purchasing decisions as it will be discussed in this report. Products overview The growth trend of the cosmetic industry is very fast and according to Kumar et al. (p. 286), cosmetic products have high demands, with quality, innovative and fast-moving products in the market.

Basically, the cosmetic products are beauty, cleaning, and attractiveness oriented, without changing the body structures or functions of an individual. They enhance body features, change skin tones and colors; cleanse body parts among other aesthetic functions. 1.0 Influences of external factors on the consumer’ s decision-making process When deciding to purchase cosmetic and beauty products, consumers are influenced by a number of external factors. These external factors act as guidance to consumers in order for them to make the right and appropriate purchase. Some of the external factors influencing consumer’ s decision-making process are family, social class, cultural and sub-cultural aspects, product quality and price, diffusion of innovations and opinion leaders.

These factors will be discussed below. 1.1 Family and friends Family members influence the consumer’ s buying decision of a person in one or another. When purchasing the cosmetic and beauty products, in most cases you may find a person seeking advice from her family members before making the purchase (Ajzen, 1991). In the case of an adult female, you may find her enquiring from fellow mates at the workplace or at home their opinion on the use of cosmetics and beauty products.

Such a person also considers asking her spouse whether it is okay for her to use the cosmetic and beauty products before making the purchase. If she gets positive feedback from friends and spouse on the use of the products, she moves a step closer to purchasing the products. After being fully convinced that her friends and family won’ t criticize her for using the cosmetic and beauty products, she enquires from friends and family members using such products about the different types of products to purchase and where they find them.

The feedback received from friends and families will influence what type of cosmetic and beauty products to purchase and at which storer beauty shop to purchase from.


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