Essays on Department Merger-Stages of Team Development Coursework

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Module It is great challenge to merge the two departments. Also it is a sensitive issue as it may improve or decrease the efficiency of the company. But it has been observed over a period that the merging of two departments took place with the view to enhance the overall performance and saving resources. The merger must have in his mind that the team members of both the departments must be cooperative with each other and ready to work under new team leader. This can be achieved by having group discussion among them.

Take employee from each department, seat everyone in round without table in front of them as it create hurdle and restrict the freedom of speech. Then the merger after a brief introduction to them put few questions like, what does everyone understand with the terminology “Merging”, Should the company be benefited with the merging. Everyone has to take part in the discussion and everyone has to give the answer the questions. This will educate the merger regarding pros and cons of merging. It will also helped the merger to discuss and clarify certain queries of the individual and make them satisfied. Before start taking views of the employee, the merger has to visit the other organizations that have already gone through the process of merging.

Merger must get more experience and cultural sensitive. Discussion with the other department should not be simple, it must be done very carefully as it impact a lot on the success for the merging process. Each point must be noted carefully. This will also helped the merger to make understand the employee of two different cultures.

The goal of the merger should not be that merging of two groups successfully but should have specific goals. It means that if the goal should be numeric then it will be a viable thought. The merger must do certain things like cost of merging should not increase 90%, Duties and responsibilities of each new post after merging must be written clearly, each position has to be compensated and new structure should be accepted by the higher management, make new organization chart indicated the positions of each employee and everybody has to be agreed upon it etc.

By taking such steps, nobody has in doubt that the organization will increase its productivity. Most of the companies have great challenge not only to merge the two departments but have to solve the different issue the specific goal. The merger should have concise and precise plan in his mind. He should not tell the employee that the company wants to merge the departments. But he tells the employee in different way so that everybody should take it positively rather than have negative impact, also the employee have the deterrence of throwing from the company.

Employee knew at the time of employment that if he will not give any progress, he has to be thrown out of the company. Similarly if he will do something bold and get negative result then he will be fired. So, merger has to be very sensible and take care of the employee thoughts. Instead telling about merger of department, merger has to put few questions among the employee of both the department like company has to take few steps to improve the existing progress; to reduce the existing expenditure, investment return has to be improved, career of each employee has to be enhanced, company take more time for the implementation of the solution, so reduce the time of solution implementation.

Truly speaking, these are the key business results that merge two departments successfully and achieved the desired results. After putting these questions in front of employee for detailed discussion, the merger arrange a training session for all the employees in which merger bring employee close to each other and unite the team by agreeing the key features under discussion.

This training should also focused on helping and accountability of each employee. The merger has to focus on achieving the key goals instead on emphasizing merging. Merger plan has to be more productive and voting should be done before start of the discussion. Communication with the employee should be in open manner. This open communication will allow the merger to understand the thinking direction of the employee and also the aim of the company.

The goal of the company should be clearly defined. The merger must have communication, know the requirement, then prioritize the step of merging and must have a complete road map to achieve the goal of the company. By adopting all such type of measures and plans, two departs will be merged in one department very successfully, having full coordination with the other departments of the company. Finally the company will get the desired results. References (2014). Retrieved 3 July 2014, from http: //www. xsnet. com/blog/bid/105876/5-Tips-to-Avoid-IT-Headaches-During-a-Merger-or-Acquisition Niccolls, C., & Niccolls, C. (2011). Myth & Merger, Part 1: Writing A Merger Plan.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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