Essays on Deportation Can Happen To Ppl Who Don't Commit Crimes To Article

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Running Head: Summary on Deportation Summary on Deportation The tells of a lady d Nancy Landa working at a public sector in California organisation. The lady had lived quite for a long time in America. While traveling, Landa got arrested by immigration officers. Landa is among 1.2 million people deported so far. According to the Author, the Obama Administration have deported majority of people, unlike other governments. At that time president Obama established a deferral Action for childhood Arrivals that only applied to Landa’s age group (Garcia 2014). Landa came into the United States from Mexico while young.

At college, Landa struggled a lot due to her immigration status. Landa finally went to live in Tijuana as her belongings were returned with a deportation order. She received help from Salar and three other friends. While in Tijuana, Landa filed a case protesting his unlawful deportation. Moreover, Landa encourages undocumented immigrants living in the United States be aware of their rights. Landa’s lawyer exposes on penalties incurred due to fraud that amounted to 10 years for deportees. Shaw tells us of waivers available despite Landa not qualifying.

Such applied for persons who write a letter complaining that US citizen relatives might suffer upon being deported (Garcia 2014). Lack of documentation haunts her. Landa has limited option for her as she cannot even get a visa as a tourist. To challenge US immigration law, Landa wrote a letter addressing Obama on his Deferral Action Plan. Landa complains of delay in the implementation of the act hence majority suffered. On that letter Landa proposed the US government to increase accountability of the immigration and customs, to remove the 10 year ban given to deportees and reform the visa process to allow deportees have chance for visitor’s visa.

Landa currently lives in Mexico despite the country new to her (Garcia 2014). ReferenceGarcia, G. J. (2014). The Moment Everything Changed: A Young woman Shares Her Terrifying Deportation Story. New America Media Article. New York: Pricenton Publishers:

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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