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Essays on Describe effective communication within the workplace Explain how individual characteristics influence interpersonal behavior Assignment

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Effective Communication in the Work Place al Affiliation Effective Communication in the Work Place Summary and Interpretation of Results The listening skills test generated a score of 53 patience. This is an indication that I find it challenging to keep quite or keep still. As such, the results revealed that there is a need for me to improve on my patience skill. As acknowledged, patience is a virtue. It significantly affects the communication process, especially when I have to wait for the person I am communicating with to finish what is being relayed – without interruption.

Thus, when patience is further developed, one could exhibit full attention and focus on communicating with diverse kinds of people. The results of the interpersonal communication skills test revealed the following: (1) a score of 50 for insightfulness; and (2) 64 for positive fighting tactics. The interpretations indicate that I should develop the skill of seeing things from the perspectives of other people. As disclosed, this is important in interpersonal communication in terms of assuming an insightful stance in placing oneself at the shoes of other people.

This would enable me to anticipate what kind of response or reaction I should make, given that I would expect similar behavior to be applied to me. On the other hand, in terms of positive fighting tactics, the results indicate that I have the strength in applying a positive technique to pre-empt potential conflict or arguments from escalating. It was emphasized that the positive tactics used could be perceived by the person I am communicating with that I am committed towards attaining similar goals – that we are in fact, on the same side of the fence. Finally, the results of the arguing style test indicated that the score of 59 in positive fighting tactics imply that I work toward resolving potential disagreements at the soonest possible time.

I could be applying an arguing style that is effective for the persons I am communicating with to discern that I have no intentions to escalate any disagreement or conflicts of interests. When I took the communication quiz, the results that were generated provided a score of 43. Interpretation of the results placed me in the range where it revealed that I am a capable communicator.

However, despite this finding, it was also disclosed that I still experience communication problems, which should be addressed. It was therefore recommended that I follow the suggested ways of improving communication in specifically designated phase or communication process: The Source – Planning the Message My score was 9 out of 15 or 60%. This means that I need to improve planning the message as to what I really intend to say and how I plan to deliver the message.

This would prevent misunderstanding or conflict due to the manner of delivery or missing information that could have been prevented if I had prepared, in the first place. Encoding – Creating a Clear, Well-Crafted Message My score was 13 out of 25 or 52%. The recommendation was to structure the message to be said in an accurate and effective manner. Likewise, the aspect of insightfulness should be applied in terms of anticipating the reaction of the person I would be communicating with. Finally, I have to enforce my message through the use of non-verbal communication patterns: gestures, body movement, and facial expressions, among others. Choosing the Right Channel My score was 8 out of 15 or 53%.

This means that I have to make a little improvement in determining the appropriate channel or medium of communication: either face to face, written, online, or other channels. I should be able to select depending on the purpose of the communication, as well as the target audience. Decoding – Receiving and Interpreting a Message My score was 14 out of 20 or 70%. This means that I exhibit a higher competency in understanding and interpreting the message that has been sent by other people in a more accurate manner.

As such, I should be able to sustain this competency and even work to develop it further. Feedback My score was 8 out of 15 or 53%. The score indicates that there is a need to improve on providing the appropriate response or reaction to the people I am communicating with – not only verbally, but also using non-verbal communication patterns. What the results suggest about your workplace and interpersonal communication skills? The results suggest that my workplace and interpersonal communication skills are effective as a capable communicator; but there are rooms for improvement, especially in the aspect of insightfulness, in listening more patiently, in planning one’s message and in giving the appropriate feedback. Will knowing your results affect your interpersonal behavior in the future?

If so, how? The results have assisted in determining one’s strengths and weaknesses in listening, arguing, as well as skills in interpersonal communication. By identifying one’s weaknesses, I could work on improving the aspects that were noted through the suggested techniques.

As such, I would improve on my interpersonal communication skills which would make me a more competent and effective person in communicating with various kinds of people from all walks of life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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