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My Break Dance Story A breathtaking ‘ windmills’ performance by a break dancer during the ‘ Putting on the Hitz’ show, held during my sophomore year in high school, inspired me to learn this unique but difficult art form. My school didn’ t have a break dance club, so I turned to Internet and online community to collect information, opinion, and videos for help. Since ‘ windmills’ requires skill strength and stamina and synchronization of body movements to the beats of music, my initial attempts were clumsy and robotic. Nevertheless taking injury, error, ridicule, and trials in my stride, I kept up hard practice.

Within a few months, my ‘ windmills’ were strong and impressive. Time came full circle and in 2007, I performed in the same show that had inspired me to take up break dancing. Braving stage fear, I gave both a group and solo performance. Months of hard work paid off as my performance was greeted with cheers and applause. Members of the audience showered me with greetings and praises after the performance. Our group was adjudged second. The adulation instilled in me the passion to carry on break dancing.

A year later, I played an instrumental role in founding the Wootton High School break dancing club. I, along with my team members, took up the responsibilities of organizing the club besides training its thirty members. The training sessions made me reflect upon my evolution from an amateur to an expert. Break dancing, a source of drive, passion and purpose, will always be part and parcel of my life.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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