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The paper 'Different Leisure Facilities of Hotels a good example of a Business Case Study. Increased profits remain an issue in the service market the objective of this essay is to identify the areas in leisure facilities that are utilized to generate revenues. The context of the essay is hotel industry leisure facilities which add value to the business, give it a competitive advantage, and establish standards and credibility. IntroductionStress is no stranger to life today, but the business travelers are dealing with it by moving from conference hall to a spa in the hotel.

“ Some people might say it’ s a fad, but I think it’ s a result of the lifestyle consequences, “ said Raoul Sudre, co-president, and c. o.o. of Aspen Spa Management. “ The No. 1 killer in Western society is stress. “ One of the main reasons for increasing leisure facilities in the hotel is, due to shortage of time, people combine their business and leisure trips. Hoteliers realize that it is one of the biggest revenue generators. According to the small luxury hotels survey of the world finds that people enjoy leisure facilities irrespective of their age and gender.

It indicated that not only women take advantage of leisure facilities but middle-aged executives spend about $500 for spa service during a 48-hour stay. So, the need for leisure activities in the hotel is evolving with every passing day. The productivity of the Leisure businessBasically the need for accommodation far from home-generated the idea of hotel and comfort levels. With growing specialization and increased sophistication, hotels became firmly established not only as centers of commercial hospitality for travelers but often also as important centers for their communities (Medlik & Ingram 2000).

Leisure facilities provided in hotels vary and can include; Health and beautyGymnasiumBeauty TherapyYoga/Aerobics studiosHot/Cold spa poolsSunbedSaunaSteam roomsJacuzziThe number of hotels provides beauty and pampering treatments to indulge you during hectic work schedules. SportsSquash courtsRacquetball courtsWater aerobicsCircuit classesGolf courseHoliday and caravan parksLocal clubsKids clubs/yardFrom color and aromatherapy, health foods; immune booster, organic, and localized special foods/products to remedy bars, hotels provide supreme indoor and outdoor health and leisure facilities, with something for everyone in the family.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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