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Essays on Describe your professional progress to this point as well as your short-term and long-term career goals. How you plan to achieve these goals What are some challenges you will encounter and how will you leverage my academic & professional experiences Admission/Application Essay

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Running Header: APPLICATION ESSAY Application Essay BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE HERE Application Essay While I do not maintain a great deal oftangible professional experience, my academic experiences have prepared me significantly for embarking on a professional career. Contemporary business studies assert that importance of leadership, maintaining effective management competencies and ensuring longevity of the corporate life cycle of the organization through proficient strategic planning. In my academic career, experienced instructors have provided me with much more than just the fundamentals of business practice, they have inspired a professional mindset that considers all aspects of the business value chain in order to build an effective and productive team, build a cohesive organizational culture and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

These academic lessons about professionalism and the external business environment have built my own personal competencies that have made me capable of aligning corporate activities with long-term strategy to give a business a positive market position. I recognize, through education, that in order to provide a business with competitive advantages, the organization requires a well-developed leader capable of gaining followership and effectively motivating employees and working diligently to coach others in the pursuit of human capital development.

I believe that the plethora of business theories and models that I have gleaned through studies have prepared me for the role of a genuine professional with a considerable amount of talent and foresight to be a valuable contributor to a future organization. Understanding the relationship between the external market, internal organizational goal-setting, and strategies for improving business productivity, I believe, are paramount for achieving success as a professional and I am indebted to many different academic professionals that have assisted me in building up these competencies.

When it comes to short-term goals, I intend to build up my networking capabilities as making professional or colleague-based contacts is extremely important. It is consistently asserted in business studies and career development literature that creating and managing a professional network can provide greater opportunities for career growth and building important knowledge about the dynamics of modern business strategy. Networking can not only assist in my primary short-term goal, landing employment in my preferred accounting-related field, but potentially open new doors for future employment opportunities or also career advancement within my professional field.

I also intend to receive by MBA after several years of career experience as it is critical from the business’ perspective that an individual has received advanced schooling before they are considered employable and promotable. My long-term goals involve creating my own professional brand (reputation). Contemporary marketing studies consistently assert that one of the most valuable assets that an individual or a business maintains is its brand identity and brand reputation. In the long-term pursuit of starting my own business in my field of expertise, networking with other professionals will assist in making this effort successful.

This form of relationship marketing, according to theory, is highly critical in providing a business owner with many advantages over that of competing organizations in an established marketplace. I intend to learn more about the nature and benefits of contemporary marketing by consulting with empirical studies and through exploration of marketing-related theories to gain a full understanding of how I can make advertising, public relations and other marketing-based activities work for me to achieve the establishment of a recognized and respected brand identity.

I will also, in the long-term, interview professionals in accounting with experience in marketing, as well as independent business owners, to gain a perspective of how brand management can function effectively with real-world market conditions. I expect that Fordham business school can substantially benefit my future career needs and goals. The unique characteristics of Fordham’s MSA program resonate with me both personally and professionally. Fordham promotes its utilization of the cohort model in order to achieve positive student outcomes and build a very important professional network.

As aforementioned, I genuinely believe that the establishment of such a network is critical to achieving business success. The cohort model utilized in teaching strategy will allow students in the program to work collectively while also relying on logistical and academic support from dedicated Fordham instructors that are focused toward assisting students to succeed as part of the cohort ideology. Strong camaraderie with student peers will also provide opportunities for information exchanges between peers. Many business studies, today, discuss the benefits of the communities of practice model and I believe that Fordham’s unique cohort learning system will give me considerable experience working collaboratively in a professional environment and build strong team competencies needed for employment and with my intention of establishing my own business practice in the long-term.

Fordham also promotes its emphasis on the experience-based approach to learning as well as allowing students to have access to a large alumni network. At the personal level, I learn best through experiential learning, a hands-on learning style where direct engagement with materials and experimentation create more effective comprehension and interest in what is being studied.

Fordham’s experience-based approach will not only provide me with information from talent professionals with real-world experience in business practice, but allow me to engage more productively with learning in a fashion that appears to be quite different than other traditional universities that rely on theory with little practical application of this knowledge in real-world scenarios. The alumni network, additionally, can be of significant benefit as it could provide further experience-based learning and perhaps even open doors to future opportunities for professional growth and career.

Networking events coordinated by Fordham will give me unique opportunities to consult with those who have moved forward from their university experiences and gained real-world knowledge and competency about what strategies are most effective and productive in the business world. With a short-term goal of improving my networking capacity and breadth, I believe that Fordham’s sponsorship of alumni networking will have considerable advantages for me in a way that is uncommon with other national universities. I also believe that Fordham’s emphasis on the leadership with purpose ideology is matchless compared to other universities.

Throughout my academic career, I have been exposed to an over-abundance of literature and research studies describing best practice recommendations for achieving organizational followership and motivating top performance from employees and colleagues. Real-world talent professionals at Fordham will not, under this leadership with purpose philosophy, simply regurgitate theory, but explain leadership’s practical application in a genuine business environment so that true leadership talent is understood from a moral and ethical lens. With so much modern emphasis on talent professionals maintaining strong leadership skills, it is my hope that Fordham can transcend the theoretical as it pertains to leadership and fully explain its purpose and advantages in business.

Hence, I believe that Fordham can make me an adept leader with legitimate best practice strategies to assist in building a business reputation for leadership capability. After considering all of the advantages that I believe Fordham can provide, I suspect that leveraging these professional and academic experiences will be accomplished through absolute diligence and perseverance. Fordham will only be providing the foundation for learning and understanding, however it is up to me, personally, to utilize these lessons in a fashion that will achieve the most success well into the future.

I have always been interested in conducting qualitative research, in an observational environment, within a contemporary business environment with the intent of measuring a specific phenomenon related to human behavior and business team-working. One method of leveraging key academic experiences is being part of a published study on occupational behavior. Such an activity would also allow for exploitation of professional experiences, gaining valuable knowledge about what constitutes legitimate business activity and relationships.

While this is a long-term aspiration, I believe that Fordham can provide opportunities for allowing me to achieve this goal in a way that is relevant and appropriate for leveraging both professional and academic experience.

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