Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication - Case of Coca-Cola Case Study

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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communication - Case of Coca-Cola" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Marketing is the process through which planning and execution of conception, pricing, and promotion of commodities to create exchanges that satisfy organizational and individual objectives. Integrated marketing communication refers to the control and management of all market communications. It involves ensuring that brand positioning, personality, and messages are synergistically delivered across all communication elements and that they are delivered using a single and consistent strategy. This is achieved through strategic analysis, choice, control, and implementation of marketing communication elements (Smith & Allan, 1999, p. 166).

On a broader look, not all marketing involves the exchange of cash for a service or good. Marketing is nowadays focused on communicating and delivering value to customers in ways that are beneficial to an organization and its stakeholders. Marketing combines the elements of the marketing mix; product, price, place, and promotion into a marketing program that facilitates the potential exchange with customers in a market platform (Morgan & Summers, 2005, p. 35). Marketers have to be aware of the options and issues available in each element and how these can be combined so as to form an efficient and effective marketing program capable of delivering value to the customers. In this paper, the selected brand is Coca Cola Background Coca Cola was established in 1986.

Over the centuries, it has grown to be the leading soft drink maker in the world and has maintained this position despite facing competition from rival brands such as Pepsi. Its dominance is visible all over the world soft drink market. Pemberton, its founder, started this marvelous journey by making Coca-Cola syrup which was sold in fountain drinks.

A decade later in 1899, the bottling business began. B. Whitehead and F. Thomas were given the right to sell the drink. The business grew over the next drink operating as independent franchise businesses all over the world until the 1980s when the franchises began consolidating. Coca-Cola first operated in the United States until 1906 when it expanded to Canada, Cuba, and Panama. By the beginning of the 1930s, coke was available in more than 50 countries and was being bottled in 27 countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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