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The paper “ Wal-Mart Supply Chain Management Practices ”   is a   comprehensive example of a report on management. The business environment in which companies operate has experienced a dramatic shift in the last decade. The shifts have been driven by rapid technological developments, coupled with globalization that has given rise to the business environment becoming more complex and competitive than ever before (Chakravarty 2014, p. 5). Accordingly, this requires effective strategic business management and the management of the supply chain in particular. Effective management of the supply chain is particularly important and more demanding for manufacturing companies as they are involved in the movement of parts from the supply through to the production stage and finally to the end-user (Watson et al.

2012, p. 6). Therefore, to achieve efficiency, the supply chain design needs to be appropriate. Additionally, there has been an increased shift towards supply chain integration by companies in recent years. Wal-Mart is the world’ s largest retail store. The company currently operates in over 100 countries across the globe (Supply Chain Digest 2017). To ensure the success of its operations globally, Wal-Mart has had to implement an effective and efficient supply chain management system.

This report describes Wal-Mart’ s supply chain management practices, especially in the area of design and integration. 2.0 Wal-Mart Supply Chain DesignEffective supply chain management is critical to the success of a company. In today’ s complex and competitive business environment, supply chains compete. Watson et al. (2012, p. 2) state that the adoption of an effective supply chain is a source of competitive advantage. The supply chain denotes the systems through which companies deliver their services and products to the customers.

It involves the movement of raw materials from the suppliers along the chain up to the time it reaches the final end-user. Wal-Mart is an American multinational retailer with one of the best supply chain design that ensures that products flow efficiently from the suppliers to its stores and finally to its customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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