Essays on Need for Specific Learning and Target Audience for the Learning Coursework

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The paper "Need for Specific Learning and Target Audience for the Learning" is a great example of management coursework.   I have to come up with an organizational development plan that will enable the community skills and training center to attain an online learning program for the department of community development staff. The department of community development gives care and protects young children and other people of minimal age and gives support to families that are in crisis. As the training manager, I have to create this proposal that will specify the needs for learning online, the targeted group, and the outcomes that will be observed by the people.

There is also an inclusion of the details of a specific learning session plan of a part of the program and a prepared plan of evaluation assessing the outcomes of the program (Patten 2007). The plan is about online learning for the department of community development, which is a three-stage program that indicates the ways training is done and how it will be carried out. I observed that the community skills training Centre is tasked with the work of learning and development in the community, The Centre gives training to more than 1500 employees around the country (Jones 2006).

The online learning program aims at improving the efficiency of the administration by enhancing the automation process together with the process of enrollment at the center. The online learning program will improve communication within the work environment and will make a clear definition of its roles and functions. Online learning will help to build the staff capacity by the use of online, learned knowledge. Some of the key outcomes that are intended to be observed include improvement in the delivery of the course to the staff in the community service and the use of computers in the storage of training materials.

The use of technology in online learning will improve the quality of work and will enable the staff to be fast (Patten 2007). Need for specific learning and Target audience for the learning There is a need to create a comprehensive strategy that will lead to a serene online learning environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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