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Project initiation documentsPlan of approachThe basic implementation of the system will draw a correlation with the present paper based system. It will involve an in depth analysis of the functionalities, limitations and the constraints that are associated with the current paper based system and attempt to provide a solution to the impediments that are related to the present information system that is paper based. The overall goal of these new proposed web based system will be facilitate the company operations towards the process of employee application of travel expenses claim and to reduce the response duration of the application by the involved company departments in the process (Andrew & Jennifer, 2005,pp. 78-104). The transitional approach will be on a continual basis rather than abrupt, in order not to completely jeopardize the business operations of the company; its implementation will be carried on while the company will still be using the traditional paper based system, upon completion, there will be a system overhaul.

The new system will be evaluated for efficiency and ease of use, additional necessary requirements shall be included before the complete implementation of the system. The architectural approach will include three divisions: from the user input/ interface, the internal processing of the submitted forms by the employees and the feedback of the applications.

A side process will include keeping the employees updated on their application progress. The general approach to the implementation of the system will use the conventional system development life cycle (SDLC) which will include project planning and feasibility study, analysis of the system and determination of the systems requirements from a user point of view, the actual design of the system, implementation of the system, integration and testing of the proposed system and finally maintenance of the system (Avison & Guy, 2003,45-59). Proposed System description/ briefWeb based applications are resident on a central server and their services can be accessed through the use of a web browser; this implies that the access to the company data and information will not be limited by geographical locations.

The integration of the use of internet and database management services is an essential attribute of a web based application. The new proposed system will be based on the use of online applications to facilitate the carrying out of the company’s daily operations (McConnell, 1996, pp. 45-58). The system will be web based and will be able to support the use of online applications.

The basic operation principle will be whereby the system users will present their requests online on a user friendly interface after which feedback shall be sent to the via the web based application interface. The proposed information system will serve as a replacement to the conventional paper method of storing and processing of information; the employees shall be able to submit their necessary travel expenses claim forms online (Richard & Rudy, 1987,pp. 85-95). The web based application system will also enable the company to access and manage its data effectively.

Employees shall be required to fill and submit their forms online, which would be then verified by the accounting department; to check if they match with the company expenditure regulations and the amount will then be dispatched to the designated bank account as specified by the employee. The information system will also allow the employees to monitor the progress of their applications.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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