Essays on Organizational Goals and the Structure of Southern Hospital in Australia Case Study

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The paper "Organizational Goals and the Structure of Southern Hospital in Australia" is a great example of a management case study.   This is report describes the mission, values, organizational goals and the structure of Southern Hospital found in Australia. The report also describes the skill mix and the population served by the hospital. INTRODUCTION The southern hospital is an Australian based hospital that serves the needs of indigenous communities. The hospital has a firm belief that a healthy indigenous population amounts to an empowered population. The establishment of the hospital was inspired by the need to correct historical injustices committed against indigenous communities in the country who were denied quality healthcare. MISSION To be a leader in the provision of quality and reliable healthcare to Australian indigenous communities VALUES The hospital is committed to equitable and elimination of discrimination in all its endeavours The hospital recognises the right of all Australians including indigenous communities to access quality and reliable healthcare The hospital workforce is committed to reflecting the diversity of the Australian population ORGANISATIONAL GOALS To eradicate communicable diseases among Australian indigenous communities by 2015 through training and education of indigenous communities To provide affordable, quality and reliable healthcare that is accessible to all Australian indigenous communities by 2020 through financing, operating and constructing four new hospitals in regions inhabited by indigenous communities To employ more than 5,000 employees by the year 2020 who should be a reflection of the diversity of the Australian population ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE   Characteristics of the People Southern Hospital Serves The Southern hospital mainly serves the Australian indigenous communities.

The communities include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. As of 2011, there were about 575, 552 indigenous people staying in Australia. The indigenous community constitute 2.6% of the total Australian population.

The hospital anticipates set up modern hospital facilities in North Southwest, Queensland and other states which have the highest population of the indigenous population. Although the hospital mainly targets this population, it will also serve other Australians living in the areas where the hospital facilities will be set up. The indigenous community is mainly made up of young generation. The reason for targeting this population is the fact that their life expectancy is lower than that of non-indigenous communities due to historical injustices which have resulted in few indigenous people being able to access quality and reliable healthcare, education, housing and employment.

The population is vulnerable to many diseases both communicable and non-communicable. The main non-communicable diseases that have plagued this population include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer and kidney diseases. Many indigenous people die from these ailments due to delayed detection and reporting of such cases. Number and skill mix of Employees of Southern Hospital The table below outlines the number and skill mix of Southern Hospital. It only details the skills needed to provide healthcare and excludes those involved in administrative functions such as directors and human resources (Dressler, 2004). Skill Number Comment Physicians 20 This includes medical doctors specialised in various diseases General practitioners 15 This category includes medical staff trained in various fields to provide different health services Nurses 60 This includes registered, licensed vocational nurse and patient care technicians Midwives 5 These include trained professionals to assist in the maternal delivery process. Southern Hospital Organization System The southern hospital is found in Australia and serves Australian indigenous communities such as aboriginal.

The hospital has an open system. An open system is where a firm interacts with its environment through the exchange of information and resource.

This essay provides a discussion on features of Southern Hospital that makes its system to be open.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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