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The paper "Designing Marketing Campaign for Coca-Cola Company " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Recent research studies indicate that different markets continue to become more and more competitive. The increase in the number of firms in different industries is arguable the major cause of the stiff competition witnessed in the recent past. In order to remain competitive in the markets and retain their market position, different organizations have implemented different techniques. While some organizations have focused on the production techniques, others have focused on marketing techniques to retain their marketing share.

This report will describe the Pepsi market situation and provide a marketing campaign for the organizations. Pepsi is a global company formed in the 19th century. The company initially produced soft drinks but has expanded into the snack food industry. The US-based company faces competition from Coca-Cola Company both in the local and global soft drink markets. Through Pepsi has a better customer taste than Coca-Cola, it has continued to perform below the Cola-Cola both in the USA and in other parts of the world. This is attributed to the effective marketing techniques used by the company to create awareness to potential customers and acquire new customers.

The report provides a campaign plan which PepsiCo should implement in order to keep pace with its rival in the market. 1.0 Introduction According to a recent survey, the 21st century is characterized by stiff competition among different business organizations. In response, the organizations have devised measures to remain competitive in the market and retain their initial market share. At the heart of the measures is a marketing campaign which organizations have embraced as a measure to counter their competitors.

A marketing campaign is an endeavor by an organization to create an awareness of its products in order to reinforce its market position and also acquire customers. A marketing campaign is done after a thorough study of the market situation and understanding of an organization position in a market. It uses a combination of communication media as it involves a series of communication to customers. This paper provides a marketing campaign for the PepsiCo Company which it should implement to acquire more customers, increase its market share and counter the stiff competitor offered by its competitors such as Coca-Cola Company. 1.1 Background information PepsiCo has operated in a fairly competitive market both in the local and global market for a long time.

The major competitor has been the Coca-Cola Company which takes the largest market share in the soft drink industry. Dr Pepper Snapple has also been gaining popularity in the US market and hence posing competition to PepsiCo in the soft drink. In order to increase its revenue, PepsiCo diversified its operations when it ventured in the snacks food industry.

Despite the measure, the increase in the popularity of Coca-Cola both in the local and international market has affected the Pepsi market share. Coca-Cola has continued to launch competitive programs to increase its market share and counter the competition from the Pepsi products. It is in the advent of the declining market share and stiff competition that this campaign has been devised to reverse the trends and retain the Pepsi market share.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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