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The paper "Concept of Transformative Experiences " is a perfect example of management coursework.   A tourist is simply a person that tours all over the world in search of pleasure, fun, discovery, exploration or tourism experience. The tourism industry is rapidly growing due to the high number of people that are getting interested in their services. Demand for tourism services has continuously improved as a result of the transformative experiences that tourists are nowadays acquiring. In this report, the concept of transformative experiences will be analysed in details. Transformative experience overview The tourism industry is continuously growing from time to time (Goeldner, 2005).

This is as a result of the exceptional number of tourism sites that are being opened globally. Also, the existing tourism organisations are being developed further to match the needs and wants of modern tourists. The rising rate of competition in the tourism industry is forcing these organisations to modify their services and products in a more modernized manner. In order to stay highly competitive in the tourism industry, tourism organisations all over the world are striving to ensure that their clients get opportunities to enjoy transformative experiences.

Organisations such as the Gold Coast that offers such opportunities to clients have exceptional customer bases that have enabled the company to realise its financial objectives (Habermas, 1987). The transformative experience is an extension of an experience economy. Experience economy simply refers to the sale and consumption of experience related products such as tourism products. A transformative experience simply refers to an experience that is sold to a tourist and has various impacts on the life of the tourist. The characteristics of this experience are shown in the below diagram: Figure 1: Characteristics of transformative experiences Most tourists travel all over the world for various reasons.

Some of the reasons why tourists travel all over the world are outlined below: Recreational reasons Interaction reasons Business reasons Entertainment reasons Sporting reasons Learning reasons Medical reasons Regardless of all the reasons that tourists seek tourism services from different parts of the world, the experiences that they acquire have various impacts on their lives (Hall & Brown, 2006). Most tourism experiences impact the lives of tourists in the best way and bring a positive change to society. The ability of tourism experience to change the behaviour or way of doing things of an individual makes the experience a transformative one.

The ability to change the behaviours of a tourist also changes what the tourist experiences. The approach enables the tourist to be a better person and to think outside the box. This simply means that on top of the nice feeling that the tourist acquires when enjoying a particular tourism service, the tourist develops positively or improves as a person. For example, the tourist acquires new ideas of how to make good decisions in his life or understands the real meaning of life or appreciates the importance of other people in his life. This approach also improves the competitiveness of the operator (Gilmore, 2009).

A tourism organisation such as the Gold Coast needs to generate exceptional revenues in order to maintain their tourism operations. The company needs resources to keep off marketing its services and attracting more and more clients to the site. However, the stiff competition that the company is exposed both in Australia and globally threatens its success in realising its goals and objectives.

In order to cope with this competition, the company can apply either price competitive strategies, non-price competitive strategies or both to establish a strong competitive position. One of the non- price competitive strategies that can be applied by the company is the offering of tourism services that give its clients transformative experiences (Mermiri, 2009). Once customers enjoy such services, they get satisfied both by the pleasure they acquire from the company’ s tourism services and the opportunities to transform their lives positively. In most cases, if consumers are satisfied with the services they are offered by a certain organisation, they stay loyal to the company.

They market the organisation indirectly to friends and families by proposing its products and services to them. This simply means that once the tourism services of Gold Coast enable tourists to acquire transformative experiences, the company develops a competitive advantage. This is simply because the company develops an exceptional customer base that enables it to generate good revenues. The revenues generated enable it to run its operations smoothly and deal with any competitive threat that might arise.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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