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Introduction Destination Marketing Organization’s are created with the basic role of attracting visitors to its locale with the purpose of adding to the local economy through the purchase of room nights, visitor services, food and beverage, retail items, transportation, etc. It also promotes the development as well as the marketing of a particular destination, focusing on conference sales, tourism marketing and services. In addition such organizations enhance the economic development of a destination by increasing visits from tourists and business tourist. This particular report will therefore analyze a variety of issues concerning the South Australian Tourism Commission as one of the major DMO’s.

In addition an analysis of the Clare Valley as one of the destinations within the South Australian Tourism Commission will also be undertaken by the report. A Discussion of the South Australian Tourism Commission and the Clare Valley DestinationThe South Australian Tourism Commission is one of Destination Marketing Agencies established by the South Australian government to market Tourism in South Australia. Tourism being a big business in South Australia, the South Australian Tourism Commission is committed to developing as well as marketing the state’s $2.7 billion tourism business, with the objective of creating more employment opportunities and wealth for South Australia (South Australian Tourism Commission Website 1). The South Australian Tourism Commission productively promotes the State’s tourism intra-state, inter-state as well as internationally to ascertain that South Australia is a compelling part of any Australian holiday.

It gives attention to developing the State’s competitive strengths such as festivals and events, good living and accessible nature. It also secures, manages in addition to sponsoring major events that revitalize the economy and build community spirit.

Additionally, the South Australian Tourism Commission works to develop strategic tourism assets, to attract investment in addition to working with tourism businesses to ensure the industry mature. Successful leadership in policy reform therefore underpins all of its aims (South Australian Tourism Commission Website 1). One of the destinations represented by the South Australian Tourism Commission is the Clare Valley tourists’ destination. Located to the North of Adelaide, Australia, Clare Valley tourists’ destination is one of the leading touristic destinations of the city. It is famously known for its wineries, eating places and astounding country pubs.

The destination is also popularly known for its cultural tapestry and about 35 cellar doors. One of the most popular attraction within this destination is the Seven hill Cellars. This ancient cellar was set up in the 1851 for producing sacramental wine. The wines were dispersed to various churches located across Australia and Asia (AsiaRooms. com 1). While in Clare Valley, tourists can visit the magnificent St. Aloysius Church, the most famous and oldest winery of Clare Valley. Burra, one of Australia’s most magnificently preserved towns of Australia, forms another attraction many tourists would love to discover within the Clare Valley.

Tourists can take pleasure in Burra’s heritage passport trail. While on this trail visitor’s encounter about 65 beautiful sites and get to comprehend why Burra is considered the copper central of South Australia. The trail is almost 11 kilometers and the routes the tourists come upon are Monster Mine, Creek Street and Redruth Gaol (AsiaRooms. com 1).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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