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The paper 'Philip Island Beach Resort - Australian Coast" is a good example of a marketing case study. Philip Island is one of the leading coastal destinations in Australia. It is located about 120 kilometers to the south-east of Melbourne, Australian Coast. The destination is frequented by visitors from all parts of the world as well as those from within Australia, especially during the summer season. However, like any other leading destination, Philip Island experiences low seasons of visitation, especially during winter. As a result, most destinations along the Australian coast have embarked on various strategies to maintain a relatively stable visitor population throughout the whole year. Philip Island enjoys a number of privileges as a result of its physical and geographical location.

For instance, its proximity to Melbourne town makes it the first priority for visitors who might not want to travel far and beyond looking for accommodation. Within the whole of the Australian coast, Philip Island is the only place where one can view and enjoy the penguin parade. The famous and renowned Australian Grand Motor Prix is usually held at Philip Island. Philip Island intends to thus design and implement a promotional and co-operative advertising plan as the major strategy to not only beat the competition but also attract large numbers of visitors, especially during the low season.

Within the proposed strategy, Philip island management also intends to incorporate concepts of signage and branding to increase awareness about the destination hence drawing more visitors throughout the year. Introduction Phillip Island is situated about 120 kilometers, a maximum of ninety minutes’ drive, to the south-east of Melbourne, Australian Coast. It is the most frequented spot by tourists, both local and from all over the world.

Philip Island has been ranked amongst the top seaside resorts due to its unique landscape and physical scenery. At Philips Island, the picturesque farmland joins the sea characterized by an undulating coastline, with exemplary massive rocky cliffs and extensive swimming beaches.  


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