Essays on Implementation of the IT Infrastructure and Business Improvement at Giftware Emporium Case Study

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The paper "Implementation of the IT Infrastructure and Business Improvement at Giftware Emporium " is an outstanding example of an information technology case study.   Giftware Emporium is a retail business engaged in selling a variety of giftwares. However, the company is currently facing serious challenges in the ever-changing and very competitive business atmosphere making it difficult for it to effectively compete with its peers and deliver good sales returns. As a result of these predicaments, the management tried to establish the stumbling block in which they resolved that there were some laps in the IT department which always lead them to poor data back-ups and decision-making processes. This was made evident by the fact that the current information Systems installed in place is obsolete and frequently causes a lot of delays in the dissemination of information between the two business branches, dragging the information that is supposed to flow down to the rest of the junior employees such as the salesmen/women who are in need of the information for their consistent assessment.

This prompted the management to procure advisory, consultancy and procurement services to re-look into the executive information systems from an IT consultant with a solid expertise experience to arrest the problem at the appropriate time as well as to increase the current client base to boost the future sales. 2-Executive summary This project is a proposal for the upgrade and implementation of the IT infrastructure and business improvement at Giftware Emporium retail business to make it more efficient and functional.

The business deals with the importation and sales of high-class giftware’ s i. e. pottery, silverware, brassware est. it has two branches; Leichhardt and Burwood being the central depository and administration office.

Each shopfront location has one point of sale (POS) terminal linked to the Burwood head office. All the transactions and business details including supplier details, importer details, customer details, order details, delivery details, and payment details are performed and stored at the Burwood head office. The existing slow and freezing computers were upgraded accordingly The business IT consulted also came up with an IT system upgrade framework which was able to link the two Giftware Emporium business branches by introducing Internet connection using LAN and WAN connection methods.

There was also an introduction of Internet Server and one rooter for internet applications and two Data Servers, one small one at Leichhardt and the main one at Burwood for data storage and recovery. The project saw the addition of four computers, two of them installed at Leichhardt and two at Burwood bringing the number of point of sale (POS) to three in each of the business branches. One printer was also added at Leichhardt shop. This enabled the automatic business data upload at the end of each working day instead of applying the manual methods which as they previously did. 3-Findings Task 1 - Business environment Fig.

0.1. Business Organizational Chart Business roles and functions Giftware Emporium is an upper-class giftware retail business trading in a variety of imported high-class giftware’ s i. e. glassware, crystal ware, pottery, silverware and brassware. The business operates with two simultaneous shops one being in Leichhardt and the headquarters situated in Burwood. Each business has its own point of sale which directly sells to customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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