Essays on Fashion Show to Help the Charity Survival Assignment

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The paper "Fashion Show to Help the Charity Survival" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Action for South Africa (ACTSA), led by the National Executive Committee (NEC) has a fashion show campaign for generating sufficient funds for the protection of the sanitary dignity of Zimbabwe women at the university campus in South Africa. The financial targets for the campaign are £ 300,000 as of the threshold level through the planned activity. The business plan for the show has the provisions for achieving the targets in a satisfactory manner.

The plan has envisaged an implementation mechanism through the utilization of the skills and expertise of the university design students for handling the event. The strategy will be executed with the assistance of an aggressive marketing plan through the utilization of print and electronic media as in a focused pattern. The show has a time scale for fifteen days as the showtime and during the period the administration is hopeful in the generation of sufficient funds well above the targets. The events will generate more than £ 300,000 funds in the shape series of events on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The cost of the project will be covered from the income as has been forecasted in the financial plan of the project. The core strategy of the show relies on the participation of a sufficient number of students in the show and their appetite for purchasing items of their taste. The unique and latest design is the strength of the show and the same would be achieved through the implementation of the business strategy for the execution of the plan. The funds will be utilized for the promotion of the dignity of Zimbabwe women.

The successful implementation plan will serve as a model fashion show and will be replicated in future for ensuring the sustainability of the system and will also help other similar organizations. Lesson learnt in the event in the shape of the impacts of advertisement and time scales will be a benchmark for the current show as well as by similar other show and will extend benefits to all the stakeholders including Zimbabwe women as on win-win basis.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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