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The paper "Develop Marketing Strategies for Milk - Dairy Farmers Company" is a great example of a business plan.   Dairy Farmers Company is one of the oldest and largest dairy processing firms in Australia. The company was established in 1900 and supplies products both at the local market and international markets. In the years, it has marketed its products in Europe especially Eastern Europe, Asia and even the Middle East. A Japanese company by the name Kirin Holdings acquired the ownership of the dairy farmer's company in the year 2008.

It was created by a group of 65 shareholders from the region of New South Wales for the main purpose of marketing the farmer’ s milk product and butter products to urban customers. For more than a century the company has been owned entirely by Australian dairy farmers and has 11 processing facilities all based in Australia. Dairy Farmers Company deals with a number of brands, which include a selection of milk varieties, cheeses and flavoured milk. Micronutrient and protein malnutrition have immense effects on the productivity and development of the people.

In most cases, they account for a significant number of deaths and poor health, reducing the general productivity of the populace. The company’ s products are meant to fill this gap and provide milk products that not only enhance the consumers’ protein requirements but also cater to the overall physical development. This report will focus on developing a business plan of Dairy Farmers Company regarding their product milk. The business plan will encompass various elements including the external environment, the SWOT analysis, target market, marketing segmentation and the marketing mix, brand positioning, action program and control program. Firm’ s mission Dairy Farmers Company strives to be among the leading milk companies.

It is committed to selling consistent, best quality world-class milk. The company suppliers are dedicated to producing high-quality milk which is thereafter processed to generate some of the country’ s best dairy brands.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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