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The paper 'A Strategy for Costa Cruise Lines " is a good example of a management case study. The Costa Cruise Lines is part of the largest cruise ship company in the world commanding over 52% market share. The Costa Lines has managed to establish itself in the competitive luxury and leisure, travel provision industry by focusing on its brand as an Italian-style. The company’ s Italian heritage brand is evident in the festive atmosphere onboard coupled with dynamic entertainment and cuisines to its guests. The Costa Cruises mother company has its success span for over 63 years, and to date, it boasts to have the largest fleet in Europe with 15 ships.

The fleet offers the chance to visit over 250 destinations every year across the globe ensuring the Costa remains a top contender in the industry. Thus, this section is an analysis of the organization’ s mission, vision, central values, working guidelines, core capabilities, and goals that have played a part in contributing to its superiority in the industry. Analysis of the Organization The mission of the Organization Costa Cruise Lines' mission has been and is still is to deliver an exceptional vacation experience via its cruise ships catering to an Italian-style with accommodation of various budgets both on land and at sea.

As such, onboard these fleets you will find every comfort, suitability, and facility that one can think of. The company has over time ensure its mission is realized by catering for families by offering an elaborate kids program offering various age-appropriate activities such as, art and crafts, sporting activities, and evening parties targeted on kids between the ages of 3 and 17. Costa Cruise Lines' vision remains to take the world on holiday delivering brilliant experiences that will intern appeal to a wide array of consumes cross Europe and do so at an outstanding value.

The management believes the multiple brands held by their fleet will be essential towards the organization attaining its mission and maintaining its leadership position in the market. The organization strategy owes its success to their ability to understand their guests’ needs and consistently exceeding their expectations via the provision of exceptional vocational experiences. The vision of the Organization Costa Cruise Lines' vision is setting out to deliver consistently fun and memorable vacations at an unbeatable value to its clients.

As such, the organization strives to capture a great share of the consumers’ spending on vacations by offering exceptional cruise products and services, at an exceptional value (Carnival Corporation strategy report, 2012). Organization's Core Values and Operating Guidelines The firm’ s core values are elaborated in the organization’ s vision statement, which is Fun, Memorable, and Value. Therefore, the company has made it a part of its operational culture to continued emphasis on ensuring that the different guests aboard their fleets are offered the fun that best fits them.

As such, they are always looking for ways to expand the experience offered by adding new restaurants, events, shows aboard their fleets. In addition, the management regularly upgrades the existing ships and adds new ones to the existing fleet. The memorable moments on the ships start with a selection of a special team, which is proudly dedicated to the delivery of the best quality, services, and hospitality to a large number of guests onboard (Kwortnik, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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