Essays on Din Tai Fung Strategies for Achieving Competitive Success Case Study

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The paper "Din Tai Fung Strategies for Achieving Competitive Success" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Din Tai Fung is a famous Australian restaurant that specializes in preparing steamed buns. The company originates from Taiwan but has subsidiaries in several counties including Australia, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. In addition to buns, Din Tai Fung sells seaweed, chicken soup, mung bean noodles and bean sprouts. The company has been successfully operating in Australia for about two decades and is a prominent payer in Australia’ s food retail and restaurant industry.

The company aims to differentiate its products by offering high-quality services and by embracing high levels of health and safety standards. Over the years, the company has expanded its branch network throughout Australia and has subsidiaries in the country’ s major cities and urban centers. This expansion strategy has ensured that Din Tai Fung remains afloat in Australia’ s competition-paced restaurant industry (Din Tai Fung website, 2012). 1.2Strategic Marketing Competencies Din Tai Fung’ s marketing objectives and business mission aim at enhancing overall profitability, business growth and realization of competitive advantages in the long run.

These expectations are realized by capitalizing on opportunities and strengths presented by Australia’ s food retail market and by developing an all-inclusive marketing strategy. In particular, Din Tai Fung aims to achieve the following business competencies as part of its long term growth and development strategies: To rapidly increase market share by increasing the geographical and demographic scope of the target market and by offering innovative and highly competitive products. To continually increase production capacity based on market needs and customer feedback. To increase investment in R& D so as to determine the best production, distribution, and marketing strategies.

The company has realized that it can only achieve this competence by engaging experts in R& D.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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