Essays on Workplace Learning Environment Case Study

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The paper “ Workplace Learning Environment” is a spectacular example of the case study on human resources. The significance of workplaces as avenues for meaningful and relevant skill development comes from the community and industry concerns, government imperatives, and enterprise needs. Ongoing skills development at the place of work ensures continuity of productivity and maintaining a competitive advantage other the rest of businesses. Emerging Trends in the technological, social, and economic fronts require the development of a learning environment to equip workers with the required skills in the workplace. Learning has to be a continuous process within the organization to ensure that competitive advantage is created (Renesch & Chawla, 2006, p. 503).

Workers have to be equipped with relevant skills that ensure they deliver their functions perfectly and according to the needs of the consumers. The project in this assignment explores the learning needs of a manufacturing company and develops and learning program that meets the needs of the organization. The need for continuous learning and training is highlighted. Scope and context of the learning projectThis learning project explores learning opportunities at a manufacturing company dealing with electrical appliances.

The company has been existence for over ten years, and it was a major producer of household goods. Years of toiling have led to the exhaustion of the vital resources of the company and the exit of some of the major forces of expertise that were heavily depended on. The competitive advantage of the company slumped. The profits dropped tremendously, and the ability of the company to attract high skilled labor fell drastically. The productivity of the company has been plummeting in recent years and the company is struggling to keep its market share in the midst of fierce competition from revivals.

The company produces household electrical appliances as well as industrial goods. The development of a learning program will assist the company to attain its strategic goals and objectives. The learning consideration has to increase the skills of workers and enhance their effectiveness of delivery on their duties.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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