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The paper 'Knowledge Management Systems' is a wonderful example of a Management Research Paper. The objectives of a procurement knowledge management system are inclined towards task organization from the time a requisition is put in place up to the moment that services or goods are received. The major objective is therefore to ensure that the tasks are properly managed from the inception period to execution and delivery. The second objective is to ensure that the employees to whom the output is mandated take up the task of instilling this process without fail.

This is to ensure interdepartmental integration for activity harmonization purposes especially based on the fact that procurement is a support department. It is also the objective of this system to ensure that the delegated processes are compatible with employees of the lowest stature within the organization. A good example is a procurement management system that can use a barcode scanner to record information from a real work process. The knowledge management system on the other side should be able to centralize all the geographically dispersed resources for the sake of cost minimization.

This system should link all parallel activities carried out by multiple employees for the sake of integrated results. The decision point of this knowledge management system should be centered on the areas where physical activities take place. Information should be captured at the source and this should be done once in order to reduce the probability of coming up with errors. Considerations Taken Into Account While Determining Objectives The considerations of focus when coming up with the above objectives were based on the elimination of reducing information collection activities, formatting of information in the right format required for review, and repeat procedures that are incurred by information technology.

The decision-making process that is related to this procedure is guided by the design efforts that are meant for increasing productivity levels. This re-engineering process is also based on manpower reduction possibilities as a way of dealing with wage bills, especially in large organizations. 2 Resources List of Requirements Apart from monetary resources, the greatest resources available for the development and implementation of this system are social frameworks such as training workshops, mentoring, cross-functional focus groups, and case study sharing.

To begin with, the cross-functional focus groups shall assemble all project teams in order to acquaint everybody with the suggested organizational knowledge management changes. The benefit of this resource is that the creation of new knowledge shall be entirely dependent on the efforts of the people to see that the enactment of this system goes through. Management training workshops also come in handy as there are several online and offline courses for those who shall be engaged with data retrieval and analysis. Books and journals may also be availed to these workshops in case members develop difficulty in understanding the type of content being delivered.

Case studies are available all over the internet and the business journals for dissemination of failure and success cases of the past. Mentoring on the other side can be used as a readily available tool for the initiation of this procurement management system into the organization. This ensures that whatever is being enacted at the organizational level is understood by the mentors who then impart this knowledge to the entire team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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