Essays on Increasing Staff Teamwork in Mcdonald Organization Case Study

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The paper "Increasing Staff Teamwork in Mcdonald Organization" is a great example of a Management Case Study. Mcdonald is an organization that deals with foodstuff. The organization has several restaurants in different countries. Mcdonald has many employees. Just like any business, its primary objective is to provide quality services and earn as much profit as possible. The manager has, therefore, asked me to conduct research and provide an appropriate report on how the organization can maximize its total outputs. I carried my research as follows; I issued questionnaires to the employees and the customers on the quality of services. I also observed and took notes on how the employees were operating. After conducting the research, I concluded that the major problem with the staff of Mcdonald was that they never had adequate teamwork. Teamwork is essential for the development of any organization.

When teamwork is enhanced, it means that the workers are coordinating for production to be successful. Mcdonald workers have to undergo training on teamwork to improve their performance. To conduct successful training, the workers have to undergo a few days of training outside their area of work where they will be trained in teamwork (Hoegl, Muethel, and Gemuenden, 2012). The implementation of teamwork will be carried out in five major steps.

The steps will be as follows the analysis stage, planning stage, development stage, execution, and evaluation stage (Brown, Stephen, and Constance, 2012). Analysis stage. This step is essential for the development of teamwork training. It involves analyzing the requirements of the training process, analysis of the employees and also the analysis of training place. First I had to get the number of employees. The number of employees was around 50.

This figure is quite big for training to be carried out at once. So, they will have to be divided into groups of 20 employees. In those groups, one of them is to be appointed as their team leader so that it can be easier to coordinate the group. Each group should have members of both genders and employees of different administration levels in the company. For example, a group can have ten men and ten women. Also, it should include some people such as the manager and the other junior workers. The training process will need funds from the company.

The company will have to rent a workshop where the training process will take place. Also, there will be some funds that will be required to pay the tutor. The training will last for three days. This means that the company will have to incur some expenses such as food for the employees, transport to the training workshop and accommodation. These calculations should be done and forwarded to the organization’ s manager for approval. The employees will need to be prepared.

They need to be told in advance about the activity so that they can be psychologically prepared. The employees need to have sports wears because some of the training activities will include field works. Planning is the heart of the training process. It is during the planning step that you will have to come up with the objective of the training process (Stashevsky, Shmuel, and Shalom, 2014). You also have to come up with a timetable that will be used in those three days.

Training content that will be used should be developed in this stage.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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