Essays on Developing a New Human Resource Strategic Plan for the Company Report

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The paper "Developing a New Human Resource Strategic Plan for the Company" is a great example of a report on management. Diversity policies are meant to improve an organization's performance. Diversity refers to the uniqueness of persons, societies, and relationships. People have common and different human beliefs, attributes, orientations, expertise, norms, and behaviors. A diversity plan outlines the tactics which should be used to harness the value of individuals’ similarities and difference to get better performance of a given organization and its staff. Introduction The effect of policies embedded in human resource management and administration practices count much on organizational performance and productivity.

Human Resource Management has been affected by a number of dynamic factors currently. Following these trends, there is a need, to adjust the Human Resource skills to fit in the changing business world. The Human Resource legislations have also changed and this makes the Human Resource Management practices to be adjusted to meet the requirements of the legislation. An apt human resource and relations department that engineers proper regulations and objectives towards the success of the company is ensured of coming out triumphantly when end year results are announced.

Therefore, the concept of diversification on these policies (Boudreau, 1991), is paramount with a view of implementing and execution of the plans of the organization. Putting in mind the current democratic policies, globalization, and economic progress being realized momentously, the sense of diversification policy is fast creeping in the corporate world. The recent industry and legislation changes in Human Resource Management The change of the contract service legislation Human Resource Manager is required to ensure that the contract details are provided within the contract sheet with the employee; the complete details of the employee and the employer, basic working hours, details on the situations under the employee can be fined and other conditions that are applicable to the contract.

From the legislation, it is stated that the employees, at the same level with similar responsibilities are entitled to the same payment rates. Also, it provides that if the contract expires and the employee is still in the institution, then he is entitled to the right of serving in the company for an indefinite time.

This is not applicable if the contract is renewed within a time of one year.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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