Essays on Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans - Organix Case Study

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The paper 'Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans - Organix" is a good example of a management case study. Organix Company is one of the fastest-growing distributors of horticultural products; fruits vegetables and flowers in Melbourne. Thomas and Alex Andrews formed the company in 2013 as a family business but later invited investors to improve its financial position. The company commenced operations at the family’ s garage in Sydney before acquiring official offices in the same area. The small company supplies its products to customers within the city using its delivery trucks.

The company has shown a steady rate of growth since its establishment and the management seeks to improve its operations to maximize its profit base and expand its operations. Mission The mission of the company defines the current position of the company, its operations and defines the ideal position of the business (Newbert 2008 p. 182). It, therefore, dictates the purpose of the business as well as its objectives. The aims and objectives of the business seek to facilitate the attainment of the mission and include maximization of customer satisfaction, efficient product distribution, and responsible operations.

The mission includes: Exceed the customers’ expectations in the delivery of the company’ s products in Australia Deliver quality services by offering efficient and reliable delivery networks Become the industry leader through value creation and instilling pride in the stakeholders and responsibility-sharing Vision The vision of Organix is to facilitate the development of a healthy nation by offering fresh organic food products to Australian citizens. The vision covers the timely delivery of agricultural produce to its customers by offering quality services and commodities. Values The Organix values include the core principles that dictate the way it runs its daily operations.

These standard pre-determined by the company remain the same during the life of the company and circumstances have no effect on them. The company’ s values include: Prioritize customer satisfaction Promote teamwork Honesty Challenge and improve operations Work for the world Assess success through profit sustainability Passion for the stakeholders The major core principle of the company is customer satisfaction since the customer dictates the kind of products purchased by the company as well as the mode of delivery. The success of the business relies on the customer’ s satisfaction with the quality of services provided.

Organix obtains its customers through recommendations from its initial customers. Satisfaction, therefore, becomes a key ingredient in ensuring the success of this web marketing. Strengths of the Competitor Green Enterprise is the major competitor of Organix Company since they both operate in the same industry and have similar target customers. Green Enterprise started operations five years ago hence has a higher level of experience with the business and the overall industry’ s operations. Green has an elaborate delivery network serving customers from the entire country hence has a wider customer base. It utilizes a wide range of delivery mediums such as branded trucks, vans, pickups, and motorbikes.

This enhances the efficiency of their service delivery and expands its market. Green sources its products from the best suppliers in the country hence offering its customers quality products. The enterprise has a reputation for quality products and services, which largely promotes its corporate image and continuously attracts new customers. Its large workforce also offers the enterprise a competitive advantage since they attend to customers’ needs on a timely basis while ensuring satisfactory service delivery (Barney 2002 p. 28).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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