Essays on Vodafone Company - Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans Case Study

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The paper "Vodafone Company - Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans" is a good example of a management case study.   Strategic plans in an organisation are quite imperative in enhancing overall success therein. This paper looks at Vodafone Company in relation to developing and implementing strategic plans therein. The paper finally discusses the process that will be used in monitoring and evaluating the strategic plan. (Glen, 2009) Improved mission statement Vodafone’ s mission is to lead the global market mobile communication industry. To ensure that customers get excellent services and products for their money.

To ensure that customers’ lives are enriched through our products and services and helping global customers enjoy mobile communication. (Houben, 1999, P. 125-139) Awareness of mission statement It is never enough to put in place a mission statement in an organisation; plans have to be enacted and implemented. In order to make employees in Vodafone Company aware of the mission statement, all new employees will go through induction training where the Company’ s mission will be clearly elaborated. Each office and department in the Company will have a banner showing the Company’ s mission statement. All employees will be having four pieces of training in a year which are specifically geared towards making them understand Vodafone mission and selling the idea to them.

All employee appraisals will be done in relation to the Company’ s mission. This will help them to be committed to it in their day to day activities. (Houben, 1999, P. 125-139) Source of competitive advantage Analysis of Vodafone Company shows that the source of its competitive advantage is in its quality products and services. This has enabled the Company to penetrate many global markets and to have a wide and enviable market share. Resources, capabilities, and core competencies There are various resources, capabilities and core competencies that Vodafone uses to achieve its competitive advantage.

One of the key resources in this Company is human resources. This Company is very keen on its recruitment policies. This Company only employs skilled workers in each of its department as these are very essential in relation to delivering quality products and services. (Glen, 2009) After a thorough recruitment process, they are also trained specifically to handle diverse production processes in the Company.

The Company’ s investment in up to date technology equipment helps it achieve its competitive advantage. Technologically advanced equipment helps employees to have effectiveness and efficiency in their day to day work. Other core competencies in Vodafone include innovations in relation to internet and wireless communication strategies. The management team is also highly skilled and developed to motivate and manage employees towards the achievement of set goals. (Corti, 1998, P. 23-56) Sustaining competitive advantage in future Any competitive advantage in an organisation has to be sustained so that the Company remains to be a market leader.

The management team in Vodafone Company is quite aware that it is easy to become a market leader but quite challenging to maintain market leadership. In order to sustain its competitive advantage, the Company has a research and development department where innovations are carried out. In this department, new ideas are stimulated, build, tested and later on launched hence sustaining competitive advantage. The Company also needs to be on the lookout on the market on new developments and technologically advanced equipment and machinery and adopt them in the production process.

(Glen, 2009)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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