Essays on Concepts and Techniques of Maintenance Plan, Scheduling of the Maintenance Activity, Risk Assessment Coursework

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The paper “ Concepts and Techniques of Maintenance Plan, Scheduling of the Maintenance Activity, Risk Assessment” is an outstanding example of the coursework on management. Facility maintenance is an approach directed towards adapting, improving, and operating the infrastructure and building of an organization to have an environment that is in line with the organization's objective (Shah, 2007). According to Shah, 2007, facility management aims at: Effective delivery of servicesMakes the organization assets highly cost-effectiveFacilitates changes in an organization in the future, especially the use of space in an organizationImproves an organization image and cultureThis maintenance plan is based on five building assets namely, school auditorium, gymnasium, library, classrooms, and dining and kitchen areas in The Armidale School. Concepts and Techniques of Maintenance PlanBest PracticeThe best practice is a technique or method that provides more superior results compared to results achieved by other means available.

Best practice involves following or developing a standard way of performing tasks that an organization applies (Booty, 2006). It aims at achieving a preferred standard quality or maintaining a given quality. Based practice can be based on benchmarking or self-assessment. It is a characteristic of accredited management practice for instance ISO 14001 and ISO 9000.Risk AssessmentRisk assessment involves determining the qualitative and quantitative value of risk associated with a particular hazard or threat.

The risk assessment must be taken into consideration while making financial decisions in order to ensure effective service delivery (Booty, 2006). Performance AnalysisPerformance analysis entails the collection of informal and formal information, doing analysis to ensure achievement of the goals of the performers (Booty, 2006). The performance analysis involves analyzing financial and human resource performance. Maintenance StrategiesMaintenance strategy combines the available maintenance operations and practices with the available industry operations and practices to avail a coherent and strategic guideline for the engineers in order to achieve various goals, for instance:


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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