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Innovative Widgets Service Plan Innovative Widgets Service Plan Vision Innovative Widgets will be the best customer service delivery in a span of four years though the provision of responsive and timely service that upholds integrity, passion for service, and exceed customer expectations (Evenson, 2007, 36). Mission The main aim of Innovative Widgets is the delivery of quality, passionate, and provides unrivaled service experience for the customers (Woods and Zemke, 1999, p. 58). This will be achieved through regular employee training on customer service delivery and the use of suggestion boxes to understand the needs of the customers and ensure this is incorporated in service delivery.

Customer service at Innovative Widgets begins from the first contact with the customer through the point of sale and after sale services to allow for higher satisfaction and augment the possibility of resale. Product Standards An innovative Widget has the following specifications and any product that has defiance to these standards must be returned and changed for one that meets this criteria Dimensions: Mean widget size = 15 mm Tolerance +- 2% variance (0.02) = Therefore widgets + tolerance= 14.8 mm- 15.02 mm Materials: Metal and plastic Pricing: the pricing method is competitive in respect to market prices, materials used, and the size of the widget Delivery: Through courier, service is within 48 hours while pickup is applicable 24 hours after taking customer order.

Any delays will be communicated and corrected promptly. Policies and Procedures on customer information and market research Policy on information gathering to determine customer needs and collect feedback: Provision of appropriate product for the customer will be ensured through close relation and communication with both new and existing clients to understand their needs and get their feedback (Woods, 2001, p.

117). Procedures: Telephone communication after sales to check on customer experience with the product and get their suggestion for improvement and complains on the product Conducting RATER survey of the customers focusing on Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness and analyzing survey results for client needs (ST. Clair, 1993, p. 107) Conducting client through mail to get their feedback and expectations Having a free communication passage at all time between employees, clients, and management on the products and customer feedback to gain information Ensure all the questions asked are answered and any complains corrected within 24 hours of receipt Policy on managing records and data: any information from the customer has to be recorded and acted upon within 24 hours Procedure: Ensuring telephone conversations are recorded, oral feedback is noted down, and recording of all transactions Reflection The procedures will ensure meeting of quality, time, and cost specification through allowing for return of products that do not meet the set standards for replacement, use of quality materials and incorporation of client feedback in product development, and ensuring time agreements are adhered to for better customer relations.

The policies and procedures especially on standards meet requirements by law for effective disclosure of standards of manufactured products for the clients and is relevant to meet the needs of the customers for high quality and standard Innovative Widgets. The widgets also have to meet quality regulations in terms of production conditions and standards necessary in the plan for ensuring the clients receive the best. Policies and procedures on acquisition of information and feedback from the client has to be in compliance to CAN-SPAM Act through honoring opt out agreement promptly, relaying location, and not using misleading information.

This is relevant to the plan through developing a trustworthy relationship with the client and upholding quality and integrity in Innovative Widgets customer service. Legislations are also relevant in ensuring compliance to global and national standards of customer and service delivery. The best customer service models that inform Innovative Widgets CSP is personalized in-depth service, quality, and convenience, regular performance of customer surveys and free customer communication models.

Standards and code of practice evident in this plan are high quality, transparency in communication, and integrity in service delivery. A customer service charter should be developed for Innovative Widgets as a measure of explaining expectations for clients and the business of each other. This is important because it allows customers to receive the best from the business through suggesting improvements, complain and provision of feedback. This will enable Innovative Widgets maintain or improve service quality, enhance its reputation, and gauge employee performance. This will also aid regulators ensure fair treatment of customers by Innovative Widgets and form the basis for assessing complaints.

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