Essays on Risk Management Plans for BHP Mining, Oil and Gas Company Case Study

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The paper "Risk Management Plans for BHP Mining, Oil and Gas Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. Risk refers to uncertainties that are likely to affect the smooth operation of any business activities. They threaten the market viability of certain products at some given periods. The uncertainties can lead to profit reduction or bring down a particular business enterprise completely down. Risks range from human factors to environmental factors. Risk management refers to a detailed analysis of factors that are likely to affect the prosperity of a company’ s commercial activities.

It involves defining the risks associated with that particular organization’ s commercial activities. This is followed by an organized layout designed to contain the uncertainties in case they arise. BHP BILLITON COMPANY Stakeholder analysis This is an Anglo-Australian multinational company. Its main line of operation involves the mining of oil and gas. By market capitalization, it became the world’ s third-largest company. It has its headquarters situated in Melbourne in Australia. It has also other main management offices established in the United Kingdom, in the city of London. Anglo-Dutch Billiton plc and the Australian Broken Hill proprietary Company Limited (BHP) became merged in 2001 to establish the BHP Billiton mining company.

It is a dual-listed company with a major partner, which has a primary listing in the Australian Securities Exchange, being the Australian-registered BHP Billiton Limited. Another partner is the UK-registered BHP Billiton plc, which is also an FTSE 100 index constituent. It became the 9th largest London Stock Exchange company in the year 2011 after registering a market capitalization of £ 39.6 billion. BHP Billiton undertakes several mining and processing operations in about twenty-five countries giving employment opportunities to approximately 41000 people.

Its customer sector groups include base metals, diamonds, aluminum, energy coal, iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, petroleum, stainless steel and uranium. BHP Billiton has a corporate social responsibility of being a participant in the voluntary principals on security and human rights.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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