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The paper 'Understanding Personal Development ' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Recently, I completed a course in business management from an international college with good qualifications in business and languages. Being 20 years old and ambitious to obtain a higher degree certificate from a local university I am set for an academic journey that will provide a good academic and professional standing. I have shown greater interest in pursuing strategic business management at the university. Five years' time after my university graduation, I have a desire of becoming a middle-level manager.

I will need to obtain a professional certificate in marketing as well from a recognized institution to complement the degree in strategic management in the initial year of university education. I am devoted, analytical, and aggressive in getting to my academic and work goals. I also consult and take my work with the seriousness it deserves. I am positive to criticism or compliment but not reactive. I admire honest and responsive. In the coming five years I would like to be an actuarial professional with superior knowledge in risk management, strategic planning, and business administration (Hewlett 2007).

In addition, I would like to take superior roles in risk management analysis and strategic marketing planning. My work priorities will mean providing responsive and reliable services to the customers of my potential employers. I will need to bring about a radical change in perspective and thinking to bring about followership and charismatic leadership that maximizes the goals and objectives of the organization. 2. Evaluation and Skills I will need interpersonal skills in order to succeed in my higher education as it assists in greater creating bonds and associations with my prospective colleagues.

Research skills will also be needed in accessing information from the internet, libraries, and periodicals (Seligman 2008). If I dedicate my first five months in learning, I will optimize the use of search engines and catalogs making it easier to obtain academic and non-academic information. My course and future work ambitions will demand that I obtain excellent analytical and communication skills in writing of continuous assessment tests, term papers, and examinations. I will also need to respond to tutorial questions in inadequate time.

The course will also demand excellent report writing skills through article writing, extensive abstracts reading and writing and completion of student projects. My future work priorities will entail having a team and interpersonal skills that conform to the organizational goals. As opined by Aubrey (2010) there is a need to have problem-solving skills which are crucial in resolution-making, formulating vision, and creativity required in tackling future challenges. I will also need organizational and planning skills that help in arranging and prioritizing information. Besides, there is a need to have outstanding leadership and management skills like good background on organizational goals, self-confidence, personal and group inspiration, and motivation.

My university colleagues find it easy to interact and developing interpersonal skills through talk and healthy engagement during conversations.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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