Essays on Sustainability Project for Tiny Opera Company Case Study

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The paper "Sustainability Project for Tiny Opera Company " is a perfect example of a business case study.   Tiny Opera Company seeks to be at the forefront of the worldwide green theater movement that incorporates environmental issues in its planning and operations. Tiny Opera Company is an intensive resource facility, but the producers and consumers can join hands and bring about sustainability and positive environmental change. Tiny Opera Company believes that our future will depend on developing new work practices that will make the artwork more sustainable and innovative. Tiny Opera Company is ideally suited to be the leader at the local and national level.

Tiny Opera Company presents more than ten professional main stage productions and a higher number of smaller shows that are aimed at developing medium-sized theater companies. Tiny Opera Company has Corporate Social responsibility that reaches out to the community that is a very important pillar in our operations. We project to involve more than 100, 000 in Tiny Opera Company activities, and this will be an opportunity to expand our sustainability activities across the community. Tiny Opera Company environmental initiatives enjoy the support of the board, staff, artists and the supportive community.

The strategic policy document will be revised to include the key strategy of developing a sustainable environmental company.   Establishment of green policy Tiny Opera Company aims to become the most sustainable theater and performing arts company in the country. The policy changes aim to make sustainability in all the key components of the operations. Tiny Opera Company will inspire all the stakeholders including the staff, audience, guests and suppliers to join hands in the promotion of sustainability. Tiny Opera Company will deliver the policy in the following ways Tiny Opera Company recognizes the impact of small changes that can be made immediately as the starting points towards improving sustainability.

The company will reduce resource consumption and waste production by comparing data from previous years to understand the sustainability curve. Communication of sustainable targets and practices to the audience, staff, community and seek their views and suggestions on the matter of sustainability.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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