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The paper "Qatar Railways Development Company" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Construction of the Doha Metro Railway Line is already underway. It began in 2010 and is supposed to be completed by 2015. It is an 85 km railway network in Qatar. It will include an east coast link, a high-speed link, a freight line, and a light rail system. The project is still at the concept stage. The project is financed by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. At the time of its completion, the project will be able to attract new offers from various clients.

The essence of this particular project will be communicated to potential clients through its features. Therefore, this project will link the company to new opportunities in Qatar region and beyond. This project is going to be one of its kind and a state-of-the-art railway. It is a reflection of the technological advancement of the company. As a company, the completion of this project will open the door for further exploration of the region. It will help us diversify our customer base in order to attract as many clients as possible.

That is to mean, the benefits that are associated with this railway line will be overwhelming. The economic productivity of the region will be greatly boosted as a result of the completion of this railway line. Work breakdown Structures Level One: Traffic management Utility relocation Shoring Level Two: Tunneling Track bed Trackwork Traction power LRT Signalling System Level Three: Supervisory control system Ticketing and fare collection equipment Light rail vehicles Maintenance and operations facilities Responsibility Assignment Matrix WBS Mr. Smith Mr. Philips Mr. Wale Dr. Romano Eng. McCain Traffic Management           Utility relocation           Shoring           Tunneling           Track bed           Trackwork           Traction power           LRT Signalling           Supervisory control           Ticketing & fare collection equipment           Light rail vehicle           Required skills and expertise Quantity surveyors IT Personnel Infrastructure consultant Electrical engineer Site agent Architecture Civil engineer Risk Assessment Risk analysis is the process of identifying, assessing and mitigating risks that face a certain project or investment.

The composition of risk involves the probability of an event to happen and the effects that come with it. Therefore, it requires an investigation into the threats that face a particular project and estimation of the possibility of occurrence (Barkley, 2004). The success of a risk analysis process is in the availability of relevant information that is supposed to be used to gauge the level of risk exposure.

Construction of the Doha railway line will be faced with a lot of risks. All the risk exposures must be investigated and possible ways of mitigating reached. There are many ways through which the level of risk involved in the construction of this railway line will be analyzed. The main focus is to ascertain with high levels of accuracy the risk elements involved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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