Essays on Business School Strategy for College of Business at the University of Sharjah Case Study

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The paper "Business School Strategy for College of Business at the University of Sharjah" is a great example of a business case study. University of Sharjah’ s college of business administration is one of the oldest colleges in the university and works towards being the leading business school globally and regionally. There is however competition in this field of business and the school has to strive to be at the top, be competitive and remain competitive. This is the reason why the school needs a new mission and a new strategy. The new strategy has the mission to be globally competitive in producing professional business leaders.

The new strategy has been developed due to the findings of an analysis of the current strategy as discussed below. Analysis of the Current Strategy The University of Sharjah has so many colleges one of which is the college of business administration. This college has its own missions, vision, objectives and strategies used to accomplish its objectives. It has the following mission; to train students to be managers of the future with leadership skills that can enable them to lead the region as well as lead organizations of local, regional and global level organizations (UOS, 2009). Missions are guided by the vision of an organization and the mission determines what objectives the organization will develop to ensure the mission is accomplished.

The objectives are met by using certain strategies. The organizations, therefore, set aims depending on their visions, and the aims are accomplished by strategies which are to accomplish objectives aimed at accomplishing the main aim of the organization. The strategies consider who is involved to ensure the aims are achieved, what should be done to ensure the aims are achieved, what resources are needed and how it can be achieved (the processes involved). University of Sharjah’ s business administration college has the following vision.

That the college aims to be a leading provider of education and research on business in the region (UOS, 2009). For the organization to ensure that its operations are in line with its vision the organization has to have objectives or goals that will help it achieve its vision’ s aim. University of Sharjah’ s college of business administration’ s aim is to train students to be the future managers and leaders of all levels of organizations locally, regionally and internationally.

Apart from being in place for producing future leaders, the organizations work towards high-quality education and being the leader in the region. The objectives of the business school are as follows: “ Produce competent graduates with academic excellence and entrepreneurial skills” . “ Recruit and retain high-quality Faculty” “ Improve the teaching and learning environment” “ Improve research productivity of the College” “ Ensure that College research is in the service of the community” “ Improve student satisfaction with College processes and programs” “ Increase relationship and cooperation with the community and expose the relevance of our program to the business community” . “ Develop a spirit of cooperation and feedback with the alumni” . “ Develop a spirit of cooperation and awareness with high schools” (UOS 2009). University of Sharjah’ s College of Business Administration’ s Strategies The college of business administration has the following goals; to provide a conducive environment for learning and teaching students to gain effective organizational management intellectual, communication and professional skills, to train students to be prepared to be leaders in the government and business organizations in other countries and the gulf region and to develop an environment that will build confidence in students to always strive for excellence while maintaining ethical standards (UOS p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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