Essays on Developing An Executive Information System With A Prototype Assignment

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Introduction The purpose of this project is to help the company meet its goal and target’s without sacrificing quality. It also is aimed to be more cost effective and would eventually boost the company’s production. This would also give managers real time data for business decision making and not be dependent on reports which sometimes if not always delayed and inaccurate. Having an automated system to gather reports is accurate and can be extracted at any given date and time as per need or defined by the user. Problem DescriptionProblem BackgroundA company called Long Drive manufactures golf equipment and has expanded its operations to twice its size in the last year.

A new factory to produce the equipment has been running for a month. Now the company wants to employ three additional people to manage the sales and distribution. When the company was small it was easy to keep track of the financial position of the company and compare itself to its competition. However, now the managing director needs improved access to information to help the company minimize its costs and be profitable in the long term. 2.2.

Problem StatementExpanding the company’s activities make it hard to access and manage information especially about the current financial position of the company in order to compare it to its competition. In order to minimize the cost and increase the profit in the long term proper information system needs to be installed. A recommended system is Executive Information System (EIS). 2.3.Assumptions-Using this system would provide managers accurate information in real time and would give them enough leverage to make the necessary decisions to meet the demands of clients. -Improve business results by meeting target production-Executives can focus more on business needs for further expansion-Executives will have more time in strategizing their sales campaign2.4.

Using EISLogin to the systemView current production statusReview order statusCheck status on stocks against ordersAbility to manage production and delivery2.4.1.What is EIS? EIS is a type of Decision Support System (DDS) that is capable of providing managers an accurate data so that they can adjust and recommend solutions to address issues during production. EIS can be easily defined as a tool that would allow managers accurate information on the status of production.

It would also provide sales on available stocks to meet consumer demands. 2.4.1.Reasons for the Use EIS in this ProblemEIS is a cost effective and accurate tool. Reports can be easily attained by just using the system. Focus saving’s on materials. To achieve an automated system for reports and decision makingTo help sales people in managing ordersTo have a single system that updates other systems that requires the data and is standard for all sites. Faster extraction of data for reports. System can also give a pareto result. Centralized Database. 2.5.Development ScheduleThe EIS is a Decision Support Systems and should follow the Development Process, therefore the development process of an EIS project will be the same as DSS Development Process.

DSS Development Process (DDP) can be defined as “a generalized set of activities and phases of development that are typically associated with DSS design” (Marakas, 2003, p. 455). Figure 2 shows the generalized DSS Development Process.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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